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Essential Air Tools

Air tools are a rather broad category. There are many, many types of air tools available, so what are the ones that everyone with an air compressor should buy? Well, I bought a compressor not too long ago and just happen to have my air tool wishlist in front of me. I’ll add some suggested … Continue reading »

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Bosch’s Upcoming Lithium Ion Tools

I came across a press release about the upcoming Bosch Lithium Ion cordless tools and thought it was interesting. As I discussed in a previous post about the Makita LXT cordless, they’re taking the weight advantage and slightly more power approach, while others are going with the biggest numbers on the block approach. The technologies … Continue reading »

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Cordless Tool Batteries – A Primer

Just Looking for Power Tool Batteries? We sell them. Get to the battery you need. (I only put this here, because I noticed a lot of people were finding this article, when they were simply looking for a battery.) The Basics Power tool batteries are made up by taking several lower voltage cells and hooking … Continue reading »

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Cheap Cordless Tool Shortcomings

I’ve seen lots of cordless power tools lately that are under $50. We even sell some. But what that makes many people wonder is what are the shortcomings? Are the more expensive tools really that much better? Gears Gears are one of the places many cheap tools are lacking. Many are plastic or nylon, making … Continue reading »

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Heat Guns

For some unknown reason, David and I both use the Makita HG1100 as our benchmark and our common search item for testing. If it doesn’t come up when we search on our site, the index and search algorithm isn’t any good – back to the drawing board. But why is it the tool of choice … Continue reading »

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What is the laser for?

So I’m sure you’ve seen commercials with the lasers on miter saws and circular saws. We carry many models now that have them as well. But the question is this: What are they really for? Does it really help you cut straight to follow a line that the tool you’re using creates? According to one … Continue reading »

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How to replace a light fixture

Necessary Tools:ScrewdriverContinuity TesterCircuit Tester Required Materials:Wire NutsLight Fixture Estimated Time to Complete:Beginner: 45 MinutesIntermediate: 30 MinutesExpert: 20 Minutes Safety Tips:Make certain the light fixture is firmly in place before turning power back on. Never leave or use a fixture hanging loose from the wall or ceiling. Always make sure that power is off to the … Continue reading »

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Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day. That seems like a great day to say thank you to our loyal customers for making this our best holiday season yet. Hopefully you got what you wanted, but if not we still have some inventory left. Oh, and when you go to assemble that great new toy you or your loved … Continue reading »

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What’s an amp worth?

After having training from a few of the major power tool companies in the world, I’ve learned a few dirty little secrets of the power tool industry. Today, for Christmas, I’ll share the big one! You know that amp rating that so many consumers use to determine how much {insert manly growl} power a tool … Continue reading »

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Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating saws, also known as sawzalls, are a very useful tool. They can cut most anything you want, from 2×4′s to steel studs. Depending on the blade and your skill level, you could make just about anything with one. It can be used similar to a jig saw or for demolition. That’s just an awesome … Continue reading »

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