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Tool batteries don’t get a “Memory”

In our recent Makita training, we learned something interesting. Tool batteries aren’t subject to the “Memory” effect like other cordless items are. Memory CauseSo, what is it that causes the memory effect? Well, Makita explained that it is the repetitive use of a battery at the same drain level. Basically, if you consider a cordless … Continue reading »

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Blue Blades – Unbreakable Utility for your Knife

A utility knife blade isn’t exciting or newsworthy, is it? It is, after all, just a piece of metal with a razor sharp edge. Nothing complicated and not a real technically challenging tool, right? That’s what I thought until recently. Nearly unbreakableWhat’s the most dangerous part of a normal utility knife blade? Well, I’ve had … Continue reading »

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Beam Cutters – Shiver Me Timbers!

The Prazi PR-7000 and PR-2000 Beam Cutters They are something to behold. At first view they look like a B-movie scream queen’s* worst nightmare. You expect the anonymous villain to be waiting behind the door with the circular saw and beam cutter, just waiting for the helpless dupe to come in the room. Of course, … Continue reading »

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Tool (dis) organizer

Today, we added the Milwaukee Bucketless Tool Organizer (49-17-180) to our website. The name sounds easy enough, but my first thought when looking at the picture was that it was rather disorganized looking for an organizer, but that’s what Milwaukee supplied. 50 Pockets?First off, what would anyone do with 50 pockets? I have a hard … Continue reading »

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Milwaukee V28 Impact selling point?

When the V28 line of Milwaukee cordless tools first came out, we had a customer come in and wanted to see if the impact had enough power for the lugnuts on his brand new dually. It’s listed as 325 ft-lbs of torque, but what does that mean when you’re using it? We had a battery … Continue reading »

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Features of a Drill / Driver

Drills can do more than just spin. At least they can if they’re a hammer drill or a drill / driver. But what is it that makes a drill a drill / driver? ScrewdrivingIn case you hadn’t alraedy figured it out, the driver part refers to driving screws. This doesn’t just mean that you can … Continue reading »

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Lower voltage batteries – a Makita secret

One of the most unusual little known facts about Makita cordless tools is that any of their pod style batteries can power a tool made to run on a higher voltage, just with a shorter runtime. This has some very interesting applications, especially buying new tools. Keep using your old batteriesIf you buy a newer … Continue reading »

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Getting a longer runtime for my cordless blower

There is an upcoming product announcement from one of our manufacturers which Matt has mentioned in his article “It’s time to put your favorite tools on Lituium (ion)“. No specifics yet, but you can probably guess who and what the announcement will be without all the details or specifics. At first, this seemed sort of … Continue reading »

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Omaha, Hockey and Power Tools

So, lately, I’ve been enjoying some live hockey. Up until tonight it had been Omaha’s new AHL team, the Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights. Now, thanks to one of our shipping partners, I also got to go see the University of Nebraska at Omaha Mavericks. Other than the suspicion that I am a bad luck charm for … Continue reading »

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Features of a Hammer Drill

Drills are pretty common. Most people have at least used one, and probably a majority of households have at least one drill. One question that I’ve been asked a few times when I mention that I have a Makita 18V hammer drill (an older model pictured to the right) is “What’s the difference between that … Continue reading »

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