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Great deal on a Hammer Tacker starting Monday

We’ve got a great deal on a Duo-Fast hammer tacker and a box of 1/4″ staples that was supposed to start Monday, but since I’ll be in New York to speak at Search Engine Strategies (I won’t be posting here next week either), we went ahead and started it today. This deal will run through … Continue reading »

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New V28 Tools Coming Soon!

Our Milwaukee rep was in again today, and he let me know that there are some new V28 tools on the way. Four to be exact. 1) 1″ Rotary HammerHow cool is this? A cordless SDS-Plus rotary hammer! Just what I’ve never needed. Then again, I’ve never needed a rotary hammer anyway. If I did, … Continue reading »

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Trimming Dog Nails – The Power Tool Way

We’ve got pugs at home. One thing that I can safely say about them, their nails grow very quickly. The general rule with pugs is that if you can hear them on a wood floor, their nails are too long. Understanding that and having our 2 little boys running around the house means my wife … Continue reading »

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What makes a good Diamond Blade?

What is it that makes one diamond blade better than another? I’ve wondered that from time to time, but I hadn’t ever really taken the time to find the answer until recently. It seems that Diamond Blades are much simpler to understand than I expected, and brand names don’t mean as much as I thought … Continue reading »

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Milwaukee is Seeing Stars (on their schematics)

I called a customer today about an order on on an obsolete part (yeah, I was helping out our support team… but don’t worry, I still did a bunch of IT stuff, too). Milwaukee listed the part, the field, as obsolete with no direct replacement. After speaking with the customer for a few moments, … Continue reading »

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Buying Advice – Cordless Drills for Women

At Seach Engine Strategies Chicago in 2004, we had someone stop Matt and myself as we were leaving the ballroom after lunch because she noticed the Makita logo on the sleeve of our shirts. It was Shari Thurow (pictured to the right), well known author, successful busnesswoman and speaker at those conferences. She just had … Continue reading »

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Brian keeps bugging me about posting

Warning: Matt is in a weird mood, therefore this is a weird blog entry. So I’m going to take this opportunity to talk about Brian. Brian Mark (programmer, web designer, search engine optimizer, NASCAR enthusiast, cobra trainer, inventor of bacon and unwelcome part-time bathroom attendant) is speaking at the upcoming Search Engine Strategies conference in … Continue reading »

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Hitachi’s unusual look – distinction by design

Hitachi makes some great power tools. They’re probably best known for their pneumatic products. Their plasti-tacker is almost an industry standard for roofing. In an effort to stand out from the pack, they’ve recently changed the styling of their products. The latest product to get a facelift is their EC79 pancake air compressor. More safety … Continue reading »

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Cool remodeling product – Saw ‘n Sand

The Saw ‘n Sand from BH Innovations makes my list today as a cool remodeling product. As you can see from the image to the right, it’s got a lot going on for just being a saw blade. But, it’s not just a saw blade. It’s a saw AND sand blade. What does Saw ‘n … Continue reading »

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Cool remodeling product alert – Curved Shower Rod

As we’re doing our bathroom remodel, I’ve been looking at cool products that would make the end results even more spectacular. We’re upgrading to a granite counter with a built in sink (pink & white tile shall be banished forever), replaced the areas of the walls that we removed with greenboard (no more rotted standard … Continue reading »

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