Cool remodeling product alert – Curved Shower Rod

Posted by on February 15, 2006

As we’re doing our bathroom remodel, I’ve been looking at cool products that would make the end results even more spectacular. We’re upgrading to a granite counter with a built in sink (pink & white tile shall be banished forever), replaced the areas of the walls that we removed with greenboard (no more rotted standard drywall), installed a tub and enclosure that attachs directly to the studs (again, no more rotted drywall to worry about) and got a Posi-Temp shower faucet, but those are all just ho-hum type of items.

I wanted something more unusual, yet practical and not a focal point. I don’t want to it look weird or make the house hard to sell because it’s too unique, but I don’t want everything to look like a “Been there, done that” either. I think I found a perfect example of what I’m looking for today.

Curved Shower Rod
Yep… it’s a curved steel shower rod that I found through Vintage Tub & Bath. When I first saw it, I thought it was drooping or bent, which of course made me question what was wrong with it. But it’s not. If you look at the drawing, you can see what it’s really doing. By curving out from the center of the shower, there’s actually room to move without having the curtain sticking to you all the time. Why aren’t they all this way?

Any other products?
Are there any other cool bath products that I’m missing? They don’t have to be something that gets noticed as “Wow, look at that”. I would also consider function important. Share your best ideas with me. I may even have something to kick back your way in return.

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  1. David Donahue;=&pid;=102040855&partner;=M53

    Great for sharing the shower, and if you don’t want to share, they keep your backside from getting cold.

    Only problem is they come with dinky cheap shower heads that must be replaced.