Dual Drill – Two Heads Make One Bad Idea

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks very much for your thorough and well-reasoned review of the dual drill. I’m not a contractor, only a weekend homeowning Ms. Fixit, and thus not all that experienced with tools (except all the Makitas I already own and greatly respect.) You have my gratitude.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My wife got me the dual drill it came in a timly fasion but there is no return address or phone 2 to call if there is a problem now where do I go ?? Up the Creek without the paddle ! Gene.

  3. Brian Mark says:


    No address or phone number, and they give you replacement batteries how? Wow… I was hoping some of my reasoning wasn’t accurate, but it sounds like I was dead on with this one. That’s part of the “Buyer Beware” that comes with anything on an infomercial. There’s not a whole lot you can do, except use the tool until it dies.

    Let us know when that happens. I’m interested in hearing if it has any life to it or if it dies in a few months.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your comments. Was about to purchase this product and now I’ll save my money for a better drill. Again, thank you.

  5. Well, I’ll have to admit that I bought this drill, and I love it. I built a gate this week and used a 1/2″ spade bit to drill a bunch of holes through 2×6 and 2×4 lumber and had no problems. It went through quickly and battery life was good. A friend borrowed it and liked it so much he ordered one for himself. And, he has a Makita cordless with quick change bits. Also, quick change doesn’t work when I had a 1″ Forstner bit on one head and a 3/8″ spade bit on the other. They don’t make quick change Forstner bits as far as I know. It was great to use the Forstner to make the countersink hole for the washers and then just flip and use the spade bit to drill the rest of the hole. So… I guess everyone sees things differently!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I received this drill as a birthday gift. I really did not like it as soon as I saw it. It’s huge, very heavy and awkward. I charged the battery up overnight and took to out to my deck to fasten down some boards that had sprung up. I drilled three holes for a #10 screw and drove in 2 #10 X 3 inch screws, it’s was clear that although this is an 18 volt battery, it’s very underpowered. I could not dven drive in the third screw, the battery had run down! DO NOT BUY THIS THING, Get yourself a quality brand like Dewalt. I have an 18 volt DeWalt and it will run circles around this monstrosity.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I own this drill, and it has the thinnest instruction manual I’ve ever seen. Also at least 40 typos and incorrect word usage, including the opening paragraph which actually reads “…will make drilling and screwing much funnier.” They call the trigger a ‘tricker’ too. I actually was passing this manual around at a party as entertainment!

  8. Anonymous says:

    To whom this may concern:

    The Dual drill for survice on your drill you can get batteries and customer service, the number is
    1-800-645-8823. The battery is
    $39.95 plus S&H; of $5.95.

    The address id Merchandise Direct PO Box 3179 Wallingford, Connecticut 06492. You can pay with check or money order. For you people complaining this is not a $500-$600 drill you are buying. It is a good home drill. Thank you very much.

  9. I am going to be very Honest. I sold about 48 pieces of Dual Drill on my web site and got 4 complaints regarding this item as the battery doesen’t last long so I stopped carrying this item PERIOD. I don’t want my customers to be UNHAPPY.
    As Seen On TV Products

  10. Anonymous says:

    There is no customer service with this company. I have been told that my order has not yet reached them, and then told that it had and already shipped. At this point, they have no way of correcting a mistake on the order ( I was billed for 2 instead of 1 ). Of course they also cannot cancel the order because they cannot call the warehouse. And the supervisors at customer service are ‘away from their desk’. I wish I had read this site before placing an order….

  11. Anonymous says:

    I dropped mine from waist high on the chuck. It pushed the chuck up in the drill so there is now no gap behind the chuck. It will not turn now. I just called the customer service number listed on this site and they said they will send me a return label and send me a new drill. I will keep you posted if they keep their word or not. Greg

  12. Brian Mark says:


    I’d say waist high is much lower than that second story they showed in the infomercial. Doesn’t even come close to the Bosch units that we’ve taken out and thrown in the air onto concrete. I guess you really do get what you pay for.

  13. Battery and motor are weak, plastic is cheap and drill will cease to function in three months. NOT WORTH $120.00

    As Seen On TV

  14. Anonymous says:

    I was sent a new drill just as promised from customer service, no complaints at all. Rather it was not questions asked by them.

  15. Tim Morrissey says:

    I bought my dual drill in December 2005. I liked the idea and thought I would only use it for small jobs. The battery was bad and I have been trying since January to find a replacement. There isn’t any contact information available and 7 months later, I still can not use the darn thing. Stay away. Anyone want a drill?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Haha, I’m watching the infomerical right now and it’s just so, slimy. The con… I mean host(s) of this infomerical don’t look like people I’d trust, then again that goes for most of them.

    I just saw the part where they drop it, I didn’t see them cut away but yeah they did look like a rather soft battery first landing.

  17. Anonymous says:

    hi, i was just reading comments here on the dual drill while watching the infomercial, and there is no cut away from the drill being dropped. and they do show a clutch, but after drilling a small hole in new concrete, the carpenter couldn’t get the blue screw driven all the way. i agree that $120 would be better spent, heck, even an inexpensive Skill cordless seems like it would be better than the dual drill! and at the price, one could get 2 B&D;’s, or Skills… i bought an inexpensive hammer drill from a catalog, and what a mistake that was! it looked like a good deal, with a set of high speed drill bits, driver bits, and concrete bits. the bits turned out to be junk, and the drill is a joke! So, i agree with others: stick with name brands!

  18. Brian Mark says:

    Actually, they updated the infomercial a bit and the cutaway is gone – you’re right. It’s still just not a very good design – far too awkward for using in most “Real-world” jobs.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I purchased a Duel-Drill in Dec. 2005. I liked the idea and it worked well for about 4 months. At present I need batteries but this is not the problem. The Duel-Drill’s head is loose wobbles. The trigger switch is broke so I cannon’t use the drill. I called about replacement and I was told the guarantee is 30 days only unless you buy the $30.00 extended policy. I honestly don’t remember being offered an extended policy? All and All I purchased a drill thatlasted a very short period and the only way to get a replacement is buy a new one. Not a good buy for long term use.

    Harvey Baker
    Merritt Island, Florida

  20. Anonymous says:

    I was given the dual Drill by my wife who paid 185.00 via the TV ad in May of this year. It is now august and both batteries are dead. 30 day guarantee – what a joke. The gun could have been a good product, but is not. Quality is a sham and so is the company. Gun is slow, weak, and worthless. DO NOT BUY!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I looked on the Mansfield Power Tools site and this company is somewhere in Europe (?):

    Mansfield Power Tools a/s – Møllerupvej 24 – 8410 Rønde
    Tel. +45 87 79 29 00 – Fax. +45 87 79 29 01 – E-mail: info@mansfield.tv – CVR-number: 27912257

  22. Anonymous says:

    Oh, my dreams are dashed….

    6 years ago, I came up with this invention. Not having too much motivation or resources to get it patented etc. and go through all the rigormarole of product development, which by the way I have next to zero experience with, I am so darn mad at myself for not pursuing it like I should have.

    Sorry the design of this thing is so crummy. My design would have been more robust.

    I promise not to let another one of my ideas go by the wayside.


  23. Anonymous says:

    I just watched the infomercial and was curious about it. My first few searches brought up dozens of matches that were all the same site for the dual drill. I was about to resign to saying that maybe its not such a bad drill, until I came across this page.

    I suppose I am a bit sad to see an interesting idea like this turn out to be junk, but at least I know what the whole story is. Thanks to everyone for the article and letting me know to stay away from it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    When they do the side by side speed test with the eight screws, it appears the guy is using a Dewalt with a dead battery. No wonder it takes him twice as long. Very deceptive.

  25. Anonymous says:

    anybody who buy’s one of these is an idiot……….why would you drill a hole in wood to drive in a screw?????…..plus made in china “junk”……..more garbage for our landfill’s

  26. Anonymous says:

    Almost called to order .. extreamly glad I googled your site first. Thank You!

  27. Anonymous says:

    i just saw the ad. i was surprised that someone would want to drill a pilot hole to put in a screw. the time you save by flipping you are still doing double work. dewalt will drive the screw home in one. yes i did notice that the side by side was fake, you can see the drill was dead and the guy did not even want to push the drill.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for all of your inputs! I was thinking of getting this for my dad as a Christmas Gift! NOT!!!!!

  29. Colt Foster says:

    My dad ordered two drills off of the informercial, but they only sent the two battery packs and no drills. Of course, without any contact info on the package, I had to find a customer service line on the web. I wish I had read this discussion before we ordered those things…

  30. Anonymous says:

    i purchased the dual drill last christmas for my husband with a spare battery. he is really pleased with it he usually uses a makita
    but uses the dual drill all the time now and we are going to buy one for a friend this christmas. my husband has also dropped it and it has worked fine ever since, considereing he dropped it only about two weeks after i gave it to him from a first floor window.
    it is very useful and has been used for several jobs as we have just had an extension to our property it saves a lot of fiddling about when up ladders trying to hold on and picking up a drill and then a screwdriver so you dont have to keep going up and down the ladders
    and replacement batteries are easy to get you just ring thane direct up and order one ive just tried it so i know our freind will be able to get one if he wants. ours are still going strong, one in the drill and one on charge ready to swap and they’ve lasted a bit longer in use than his makita ones quote”
    ideal piece of kit for home diy” un qoute

  31. Jim says:

    Thanks for a great revue. You have confermed my suspicions. I am a contracter(semi retired). Tools are a sickness with me. I like them to work. When they don’t I can’t get the job done and I get mad. Grrr. I won’t be buying the Duel Drill.

  32. Anonymous says:

    My wife purchased a DualDrill for my 42nd birthday in July. It finally arrived last week, on December 18th. I needed to fix up a couple of loose posts on our garden fence, and figured that this would be the ideal opportunity to see if all the claims made on the infomercial were a reality. First, I have to say, I found the drill to be remarkably large and heavy, particularly compared to my Makita drills, and very cumbersome for driving home screws from anything other than a straight on angle. When I was close to finishing the job, I accidentally dropped the Dual Drill from waist height. First the battery disconnected, then the whole thing blew up in a huge mushroom cloud and killed me and my two kids who were playing ball outside the fence. And the fence exploded. Now I’m dead. Thanks a lot Mansfield! I’ll never buy another of your products again. I wish I’d googled this website before I’d used the Dual Drill. If I had, maybe my head wouldn’t be rolling towards Poughkeepsie.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Received the Dula Drill as a Christmas present – brought it home – put it in the charger and upon my return the battery melted and was leaking – Battery is swollen up and coming apart in addition to having melted. Good news is it did not cathc on filre! It came from a local hardware store and it will be going back tomorrow.

  34. pjr1 says:

    I am so sorry the last poster is dead due to a tragic Dual Drill mushroom cloud, but sure appreciate his and all other posts here about this product. I was in the process of ordering one tonight for my hubby,at his request when I happened onto this site. So glad I did and he will be too!

    I’m happy for the few posters who were pleased with thier purchase, but I’d rather not risk our hard-earned money or my hubby’s head! Don’t think he’s that intersted in seeing Poughkeepsie… and we don’t need to spend $100+ to find out how to make drilling and screwing around here funnier!

    Anonymous said…

    anybody who buy’s one of these is an idiot……….why would you drill a hole in wood to drive in a screw?????

    I respond…

    thankfully, I’m not an idiot for buying one of these, but I am the kinda of idiot that thinks the splits that can happen when driving a screw into wood without drilling it first look like crap when the job is new, and get much worse with time…

    Thanks again to all the posters here!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I almost broke down and bought one of these drills from an automotive
    parts store, the sale price was $89.95,included case,charger,bits.
    I thought about it ,then left the store, came home and went on-line to the official web-site, trying to find out how much an additional battery would cost. They don’t even have a repalcement battery cost ,you have to call.
    Did a Google search for the battery
    and found a few hits and the cost is about $40.00.
    I think I’ll stick to my trusty
    Makita and $24.00 batteries…
    I have abused the heck out of my Makita for 10 years, with 2 visits
    to the tool doctor and I’m now on my 3rd set of batteries.
    You decide………..

  36. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad I found all of your comments on the Dual Drill. I own a company and thought this would be great in all my trucks. My service guys would have laughed until payday. Todays saying…
    “Two Name Brand Drills ARE Cheaper Than One Dual Drill”


  37. Anonymous says:

    I laugh at the guy whos saying that you bought a $120 drill and not a $500. You can buy a good name brand for $120 that’ll last a lifetime.(minis the battery)

    This is a clear cut case of junk at its best. I’ve seen better $30 Black and Decker drills at walmart.

    The number one rule for imformercial junk is to try and find them at your local stores so you’ll be able to return it.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I purchased (1) dual drill over Christmas Holiday for my husband. But was shipped (4) total and was charged for it. Now I’am overdrawn $144.00 in my account because of this error. Wouldn’t the b.b.b. like this one?

  39. melinda says:

    Thanks for the comments. My son borrows our dewalt drill, so he’ll have two of them available. We were thinking of purchasing the dual drill for him. Instead we’ll purchase him another dewalt.


  40. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, I purchased the ‘Dual Drill’ before researching and finding this web site. I decided to give it a chance and used it to drill 4 screws into particle board. The phillips bit literally crumbled! Also, the ‘free batteries for life’ they mention on the ad would be difficult to take advantage of based on the fact that there was no info provided with the unit explaining how this supposed program worked.

    Thankfully this site exists and I was able to use the 800 number I found here, and return the unit (the dime for shipping was on me) If this resource didn’t exist I might still be stuck with this lemon.


  41. Broke...and happy! says:

    Out of sheer desperation regarding my frantic search for the “ultimate” Christmas gift for my brother…I was spontaneously lured into ordering this “revolutionary product” by the Dual Drill infomercial. THANK GOD for the fact that following my failed attempts at Christmas shopping and purchasing anything earlier that same evening…I used up all of my gas, stopped to refuel, and unknowingly caused my credit card to later decline authorization for the $119.85 Dual Drill purchase price. The order was cancelled. Never have I been SO GLAD to be SO CLOSE to my credit limit! I may owe lots of money…but my brother isn’t mad for getting a crummy gift, he’s not dead, his kids aren’t dead, his fence didn’t blow up, his battery didn’t leak or melt or explode or catch on fire…instead I’m just buried in debt and my brother is trying to cheer me up by explaining how funny drilling and screwing really are while he and I are driving my car on a road trip to Poughkeepsie (alternate Christmas gift)keeping an eye out for that poor man’s head.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Bought a dual drill Dec. 2005 used very little. Trigger stopped working when pulled back, it would work when pulled half way but with half speed now trigger is stuck.


  43. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we were just lucky and got an acutal working drill (thus so far), but I bought one for my husband this Christmas and he absolutely loves it. We are currently doing a COMPLETE remodel on our house and this drill has been invaluable to my husband and his dad. Our neighbors and contractors have all been checking out the drill as well. Since we have been in the process of remodeling EVERY single day since the week after X-mas, this drill has been used for countless hours. I was going online to look up a phone number for the company because my husband just asked me to order another battery (because now we are having a problem with it…he thinks the connection inside the drill isn’t working good because sometime it doesn’t work and he has to wiggle it) and came across this website. Thank you for posting the phone number, I hope their customer service is as helpful as the drill has been over the past few months. I don’t have any complaints about this drill, but if customer service isn’t cooperative when I call them about this battery connection problem I will definately have a change of heart about this drill. If customer service “pulls through”, I’m sure my contractor, 2 father-in-law’s, cabinet installer & 2 neighbors will all buy one.

  44. Anonymous says:

    sweet I want one just to hang on my wall

  45. Carolyn Campbell-Gill says:

    I really wish we would of read this site BEFORE buying the drill. Although it was “sweet” to use at first.It lasted just the length of the warrenty and the battery even shorter. I contacted the AS SEEN ON TV (where we purchased) but we are S.O.L. Although they DID try to sell me a warranty..”Would it cover the drill being fixed now?” I asked.. Well NO but it would cover future replacements!! I had to laugh before getting angry..Why in the world would the guy try to sell me a warrenty on a drill that does not work. LOL
    Contacted Mansfield to ask for a solution and yet to hear back. I guess, “if it looks to good to be true…it probably is!” The ACTORS on the infomercial are good I foolishly thought they were real…

  46. PcCowboy says:

    I ran across this drill at Ace hardware sitting in the discount bin. The price on it was $40. I asked the manager what was wrong with it and he told me that one of the battery packs was missing. Hmm $40 for something that cost over $120.00 because one of the batteries was missing. Couldn’t pass it up. I have been using this drill for over 6 months now. They must have made improvements since the review. This one has a clutch that dials 1-19. The one problem that I had was at first I kept twisting off the heads of the screws until I got the clutch adjusted right. I can’t believe how long this battery lasts. I can use it all day and charge it at night. The battery died on me may be once or twice. I just finished a 8′ x 8′ addition to the back of my house and a 185′ panel fence using this drill. I have used 1 1/2″ spade bits, a socket to screw 3/8″ x 4″ lag bolt to a 4″ x 4″ and 1/2″ masonary bits. I can say that I’m very happy with this drill. But I’m also sad to say that I lost this drill today.
    I was drilling a 3/4″ hole through a 4″ x 4″ when I got the bit jammed and I stripped the clutch. I was on the web today looking for a place to repair it when I found this site. Hopefully the 800 number will help me. Thanks for the info.

  47. PcCowboy says:

    Great. Looks like the 800# isn’t going to help me. I can’t get past the point where it wants me to enter my phone number that I used to place my order. Since I didn’t buy it from them I can’t enter one.

  48. Anonymous says:

    My company has bought 4 dual drills so far and will (for better or worse) probably keep buying them (even though its true they only last about a year – give or take). We find that our guys do better and quicker work with them since they are a lot more likely to drill pilot holes when needed so the stuff we build goes together better and is stronger, etc. (wood workers know what I’m talking about here – but sounds like a lot of people on this site aren’t familier with the pilot hole concept). Anyway, the battery life is about the same as our other battery drills so that’s not an issue. The main problem is that once the crews start using them they don’t want to go back to having to rechuck everything all the time so they clamor for these things and they just don’t last very long and we can’t find new switches for them which is the first thing to go out. Hopefully someday someone will come up with a more robust version, but for now they’re the only game in town and the $120 price factored over the year long usefull life or the (disposable) tool is still a drop in the bucket compared to the labor they save. Wish it weren’t so because as a matter of principle I hate to patronize manufacures of planned obselence products, other than these funky drills, about all we buy is Milwaukee…

  49. rAJANUNCLE says:

    FANTASTIC IDEA ! Free Batery, but what do you do if the charger wont charge,, like mine Rajanuncle

  50. rAJANUNCLE says:

    HELP ! HELP! need to know what to do to get charger going Rajancncle

  51. Graham from Oz. says:

    Hi from Downunder (Australia)!

    Just saw the infomercial this morning. At first I said; “Yeah, it will be junk”, then I changed my mind and thought I’d give it a go. Especially when the ad said I could “trial” the drill for just $14.95! …..sounded like a great deal..$15.00 for a 18v Cordless Drill!

    But….plus $30.00 “Processing”! and $39.90 shipping! Your first clue…. they charge you to sell you something!

    AND THEN …in the last 5 seconds of the ad, in the fine print, if you keep it past the trial period, there’s an extra 4 payments of _$49.95!!_ making this tool cost 4x$49.95 + $14.95 (Trial cost) + $30.00 “Processing” plus $39.90 Shipping = $284.65!!

    OK, even if you get past all the dodgy pricing tactics, you’re stiffed with a 30 day warranty.

    I saw the “drop test” onto the sandy pile of rubble & LMAO when the “host” said “Ok, the battery came off just like it’s designed to…” What the F#&@! What drill is designed to come apart on impact? Talk about a secondary hazard! “Everybody get your heads down, look out, here comes the battery…!!!” :) And I only counted 3 stories….not 4.

    And now we come to the “Contractor” vs the “Environmentalist” in the screwdriving race…. Is it just me, or wouldn’t you screw in all the phillips heads first, change your bit then screw in all the square drives?(I know this is the point of the stupid infomercial, I’m trying to say how far away from real life it is!) I agree, that guy was on a “go-slow”. ThatA DeWalt should have ripped those screws right through the other side of that softwood in a 1/2 sec. I think the “environmentalist” works building timber slat paths in rainforests & the “Contractor” is more at home on the drafting table that with a power tool in his hand?

    I’m so glad someone mentioned that this drill is single speed at 550RPM. What a joke! My 2.4v (Yes, 2.4volt!)Panasonic EY503B driver is 400RPM! And the new 3.6v Li-Ion is 600RPM!

    I also tried to check out the cost of the “Processing” on the “Lifetime” battery warranty because that just sounded too good to be true. And it was. They basically charge you enough “Processing” to cover the cost of the replacement battery.

    I’m about to lay down about 1000ft of hardwood decking (1800 screws), so I thought this drill would be a great idea for pilot holing, then screwing the boards down. Now I think I’ll just go down to my local DSE and get a $30.00 18v cordless (2 yr warranty) & recycle it when it dies [I think we should all try not to keep chucking rubbish in landfills. :) ]

    If i find one of these Dual Drills in a “$2.00″ shop, I’ll still give one a go. But not at the price they are asking.

    My 17 year old Makita 8411D cost me AUD$380.00 (@US$250.00) when I got it. but it was one of the first 12v cordless hammer drills in the world. It’s on it’s 3rd batt with 1 of the 2 orig batt still 60% good.(I treat them well & use a battery deep cycler) From what I read here and my experience/instinct, I doubt this Dual Drill would last 1/10th of that.

  52. Trevor - Sydney, Australia says:

    I think someone should have a look at your reviewing process. I find it amazing that you have given a negative reveiw to a product that you have not even seen first hand. Any decent review site would actually go to the trouble of getting a sample of the product to do their review on.

  53. ira says:

    After receiving the Dual Drill by Manisfield it lasted one month. Stopped working, battery okay. Made several (4) phone calls. At this point I realized I had been had. The product is junk, junk, junk… Coustomer service SUCKS. 120 bucks up in smoke.

    Ira Neal- Virginia.

  54. Morris says:

    Saw this drill on TV and thought I just had to have it so I got it. Worked fine for about 6 months and while drilling, the head fliped without pushing the button and now it won’t stay straight. I wasted my money on this piece of junk. No address to contact to even try to fix it. I’ll either use it as a doorstop or an anchor!

  55. my wife bought me one also, a/b 8 months ago. I used it last weekend for some serious work, damn thing died after drilling two 6 inch holes through wood. And I do mean “died”. no power, no hum, no nothing. Haven’t tried contacting the company yet, but after reading your posts, it doesn’t sound like i’m going to be happy w/ the final outcome…

  56. Anonymous says:

    I sure wish I would have did my research on this one. When I saw the infomercial I thought wow this would be great. Well, I called ordered it with the extra battery and it did well for about 6 months. Then all of a sudden I while the drill was at rest I started to smell something burning. This went on for a while but I could not find anything around me burning. Then I realized it was the drill. When I took the battery out the smell would go away. I got out my manual and there was no phone number, no address, no name, no way to make contact with them. I will try the 800 number and see what happens. I have a feeling nothing, but thanks to this website I atleast have a chance now.

  57. Anonymous says:

    My husband bought one of these drills on clearance through a auto parts store (they were going to stop carrying product). He brought it home, charged up the battery overnight, put everything back in the case…two weeks later, attempted to use it to find the battery dead. Tried contacting customer service…they gave him the run around. Tried explaining to them that on the box it states a 2 year warrenty and since we haven’t had it a month yet, we wanted to know how to replace the battery and possibly charger. They gave him different numbers (one that went to a completely different company that didn’t know what the heck he was talking about) to call…that didn’t work…they told him he had to purchase a one year warrenty…ummm…why??? If it already has a 2 year, why purchase a one year??? This thing is a hunk of junk and the customer service is a real joke. Now we are stuck with this piece of junk…and can’t return it to the auto parts store since it was clearance and they no longer carry it…hmmmm…makes me wonder if they knew something…

  58. Anonymous says:


  59. Anonymous says:

    A friend purchased 2 of these drills 2 years ago. The first one died after a year due to trigger switch failure. The second one at that time had failure of the mechanism that allows rotating of the 2 chucks almost causing me injury when it folded sideways when it broke. Used parts from the first one to fix the second. Now a year later the switch is going bad in it and rotating mechanism is failing again. No probs with the batteries which did last a long time before recharge. Never tried customer support since that is up to him. Though should to see cost of parts. A great idea, just shoddy production materials.

  60. Anonymous says:

    I purchased this dual head drill about a year ago. Just for routine home use. No problems with it. Good tourqe and battery life. However yesterday, the drill rotation mechanism got stuck in reverse. Since I need to do more drilling then removing screws I opened it up and discovered the rotation switch just wore out. So I manually set the rotation to clockwise and reassembled the drill. Now for what ever reason the torgue power is shot. I can’t even drill through a 1/2″ piece of plywood without the clutch slipping. So checked the drill manuel and discoveded no phone numbers or web site to refer too. Found this site on the web and come to realize I am screwed… clockwise and counterclockwise. I will only buy name brand products from Sears from now on.

  61. Optimist says:

    Well, I purchased one of these about two years ago. It was great for my simple fixits around the house, building a gate, and a swing set. They did mess up my order, and sent me two drills instead of one, but customer service finally did correct it.

    My drill is still working, although I probably use it way less than a pro would. However, my smart charger died. I tried calling the phone numbers that I had saved from when I purchased it, and the numbers are now for “Green Bags” (another infomercial). I tried to call one of the phone numbers left in a previous post, and it asks you to hold, then disconnects you. Well, after reading these posts, I guess I’ll just have to charge it with my other drill’s cheepo charger, and use the thing till it dies. So much for lifetime replacement batteries.

    I liked the dual heads, especially when I’m up on a ladder installing bolts in joists that you do need to pre-drill for, but it did always seem to not be as powerful as they advertised it to be.

    Good idea, but poor construction, and company’s not there to back it up so the warrantee is useless.

  62. Anonymous says:




  63. billiu55504 says:

    On the first day of Big Lots new online “deal of the day,” (shopbiglots.com) bought one of these drill/driver kits for $30. They sent it via USPS and it took 10 days to arrive here in Louisiana. With shipping and tax it came to $38.47.

    It is an impressive kit, and appears to be very good quality. It was shipped “dead” but the charger only took 1 hour to charge it (read warning about overcharging in the included instructions). Note: Some cheap chargers have an electronic circuit missing that would normally prevent charger destruction (as well as any battery plugged into a bad charger). Those chargers tend to have a “Xmas tree light” diameter plug in cord to the charger; the Mansfield charger has a standard wall plug cord, and an on-switch called “set” (it is not an automatic charger).

    The drill appears to have adequate power; I started at slow torque and increased it steadily until I found the mid-range is comfortable (for me). What is NOT comfortable is the WEIGHT of the drill; IT IS QUITE HEAVY (similar to a standard circular saw). I am using it to install sheets of 4×8 subfloor. After a while, I was laying on my stomach to drill the philips screws.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Your are all talking about the cheap chinese Dual Drill,I know the Australian Inventor of the better dual drill which will be released by Sears USA,it will be a very good quality product,but it would cost a lot more,it should be avaible in the next year

  65. Anonymous says:

    To join the others telling the good sides of this story, my mansfield was the best purchase I ever made. Unfortunately, mine was stolen and I ran across this website looking for a replacement. In power, battery life, and useability better than all my other cordless drills. I wanz my mansfield back!

  66. Anonymous says:

    Well, this site (and others found by “Google-ing” dual drill evidently saved me from being among those hurt by deceptive advertising/infomercials and from what appears to be a less than quality product. Thanks again.. I will stick with my Dewalt and Makita tools… with a few Sears thrown in.

  67. gary says:

    Chucks keep slipping.

    Contacted Pepboys, what a joke.

    Contacted company, “sorry your a little out of warrenty”.

    Kepping it simple.
    S U C K S !!!!! ! !\

    GARY IN VA…………….