Hitachi’s unusual look – distinction by design

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brian, do you really think the “rough and tumble” construction worker gives a rip about what the cosmetic look of the tool is? Doesn’t everybody want performance? It can look good all it wants, but does it get the job done?

  2. Brian Mark says:

    No, I don’t think it’s something that will be a selling point by itself. But from a branding perspective, it’s a great move. Is it more memorable as a green tool or as the one with green flames? Their old compressors looked similar to Rol-Air from a distance, but this one won’t be confused with those at all.

    If they’re trying to get people who are on the jobsite to know what it is they have, or so others at the jobsite recognize it when they go to pick up a tool, then distinction is a very necessary change. I know several people that have bought tools by color in the past (Red, Yellow, etc.) and didn’t get what they wanted. Making them unique looking should avoid that confusion for the end user and make their styling a valuable commodity.

    Given the number of customers we have that come in to the store and say they need nails for their gun and have no idea what that gun is, making it memorable should help some of these guys know what type of nailer they’ve got. That should also help with brand loyalty if they’re happy with the product.

    One last point : if it were truly performance that mattered to most people, there would be quite a different mix of products sold through our store. Most of our contractors tend to buy what they’ve seen someone else using and not what is going to actually work the best. So yes, the look does matter in that sense.

  3. carpenter from vancouver says:

    Mr. anonymus should realize that “rough and tumble” worker only care how to f.up faster and get his cheque into a money mart and afther into a liquer store.
    Any PROFESSIONAL wouldn’t even dream to make a bad comment when is about HITACHI tools.
    They can only say RESPECT and thanx to heaven for hitachi.
    sory about my bed english