Trimming Dog Nails – The Power Tool Way

Posted by on February 22, 2006

We’ve got pugs at home. One thing that I can safely say about them, their nails grow very quickly. The general rule with pugs is that if you can hear them on a wood floor, their nails are too long. Understanding that and having our 2 little boys running around the house means my wife is constantly trimming nails. But what’s that have to do with power tools? Well, for us – a lot.

Dremel Sanding Drums
Yes, I’m bringing up a Dremel here. Those rotary tools are excellent for many jobs, and this just happens to be one of them. By using a sanding drum, my wife is able to hold each dog on her lap and quickly buzz each nail. They jump the first few times, but it only takes a few minutes and gives them a nice pet-icure. Ok, so that was a bad pun, but their nails are neatly trimmed and smooth from the sanding, just like a pedicure. The only thing she doesn’t do is add nail polish. Hopefully she doesn’t read this and decide to try that next.

Watch the RPM
We’ve got two Dremel tools at home. One is cordless, the other is electric. I had the cordless from a long time ago. The maximum speed on that one is only 10,000 RPM. That seems fast compared to my car motor, but it isn’t fast enough to buzz our dog’s nails without grabbing the nail and bumping their foot to the side. The other we have is an electric. Maximum speed on that is 35,000 RPM. At that speed, the buzzing is done before our dogs even know that my wife had selected a nail to trim. Someday soon I’ll have to surprise my wife with a new cordless model that has the speed to trim nails cleanly.

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    great tool .. fast and easy.. low stress for the dog.. ++++++++