What makes a good Diamond Blade?

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1 Response

  1. Jeff Durgin says:

    While you are on the right track with some of your information, there is considerably more necessary to guage the quality of a diamond blade.
    First, the color does not necessarily determine quality. A bronze color generally means a softer bond, but a softer bond is required for cutting harder (less abrasive) materials. In addition, there are other soft metals that can be substituted for brass such as nickel which is silver in color. The point is that the best granite blades made will have a bronze looking bond, and a cheap nickel bond may appear as high quality.
    The next issue regards segment height, or thickness as you referred to it. An 8mm tall segment with the correct metallic bond and a high quality diamond can out last blades with 15mm tall segments by two to one. Usually, the taller segment blades are low cost imports made to look impressive. I’d be glad to dispel any of the myths regarding diamond tools if you like. I have been in the industry for over 15 years and heavily involved in designing and specifications.