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Easter is approaching

As Easter is approaching, I was reminded of some of the easter eggs we have embedded in the search on our site. As products get added, we have a sense of humor and add in a few silly terms. So, we’re going to have an easter egg hunt right here on my blog. I’ll give … Continue reading »

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20A vs 15A Outlets

For most contractors, especially electrical contractors, the difference is a known. But for most home users, they don’t even realize there is a difference. I was recently reminded of this as we were moving buildings and we started some cleaning up. We were using a Festool Dust Extractor as a vacuum (yes, that’s a fancy … Continue reading »

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Anti-Vibration Shortcut

In January, I talked about Makita’s Anti-Vibration Technology for demolition hammers. They had done a swell job and I commend them for it. Now, Bosch has a promotion coming up for their Anti-Vibration solution. I don’t think of it as Anti-Vibration technology, but rather as more of a shortcut. Free Anti-Vibration Gloves by Mail That’s … Continue reading »

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Closed for moving 3/23/2006 – 3/26/2006

I won’t be posting the rest of this week as we move buildings. The one we currently occupy has served it’s purpose, but we’ve just flat outgrown it and are bordered by other buildings on two sides, railroad tracks to the North, and a cliff to the east. The new one has a 6 acre … Continue reading »

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Twist-Lok – An interesting twist on a rapid load setup.

I got a call today from Lynn Bauman, Inventor of the Twist-Lok. He had read some of my blog and said he and his engineers agreed with a lot of what I had said, especially about the Dual Drill. First off, it was neat that he gave me a call after reading some of my … Continue reading »

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Air Tool Maintenance – Oil, Filters and Thread Tape

Air tools are pretty simple, right? Plug in an air hose to a compressor on one end, turn the compressor on and hook your air tool up to the other end of the hose. Or is it that simple? Being more of a cordless and electric power tool guy myself, I had to do some … Continue reading »

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Stupid commercial: Craftsman Tools

Has anyone else seen the commercials that are shown during Nascar races for Craftsman Tools? They have other sporting events showing and then something goes horribly wrong. One that really sticks out to me right now is the bowling commercial where the ball return starts shooting balls at all the spectators. It’s funny… but what’s … Continue reading »

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Hickory Router Bits Have Been Added

Disclaimer: I’m sorry if anyone doesn’t like how sales oriented this post is, but when I see a deal like this I want to make sure that my blog readers know about it. Doug got all the Hickory kits added that I mentioned yesterday. There are kits ranging from $4.99 to $29.99. They’re selling pretty … Continue reading »

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Coming Soon – Limited Quantities

Be on the watch this week for some bits from “Hickory Woodworking”. They’ll show up on our New Additions page, right after they hit the RSS feed. But what’s so special about them? Amazing Value! Yes, I said amazing. I picked up one each of the larger kits today. I’ll add pictures once Doug gets … Continue reading »

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Filtered Air Fitting

In our new product feed (you have that RSS feed set up, right?) I noticed something cool today. Ok, so Matt noticed it first, but I’m writing about it before he gets a chance. It’s just an air fitting, but it has the unique aspect of having a filter which gets installed at the tool. … Continue reading »

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