Easter is approaching

Posted by on March 30, 2006

As Easter is approaching, I was reminded of some of the easter eggs we have embedded in the search on our site. As products get added, we have a sense of humor and add in a few silly terms. So, we’re going to have an easter egg hunt right here on my blog. I’ll give a couple of examples to start things out.

Red R2 Unit
another example

These are, of course, just silly searches that we figured would amuse people if they stumbled across them. There are plenty of other examples, but it’ll take some creativity on your part to uncover them. Go ahead and see what you can locate, then leave a comment here with your findings. We have one that has been identified as the grand prize winner, which is an all expense paid trip to… Matt tells me that’s not in the budget, so I guess it’ll be some colorful “Easter-Eggish” ToolBarn.com Stress Balls. Just make sure you’re using a registered account (free to set up through blogger.com) and have an IM contact in your profile if you want to be eligible.

Go ahead and get started with the form below:

Oh, and contest runs until the end of April, 2006 and is open to all legal US residents, blah blah blah, yada yada yada. Since the prize isn’t worth 1000′s of dollars, we’ll mail them wherever you like addressed to whomever you like, even Fido. Just make sure you use a registered account so we can track who the winner is, which will be first one to find our “specially selected” easter egg. Good luck and happy searching.

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  1. Matt Griffith

    A couple of quick notes on the contest. Keep in mind, there may be a few surprises in there for us as well, and while we try to keep things at a PG-13 level, something may not strike you that way. Search for hidden text at your own peril.

    Oh, and I might add a few, so some won’t show up until the ol’ Google Mini crawls again.