Filtered Air Fitting

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3 Responses

  1. Once again, Brian sneaks in for the kill… Ok, I’m over it now.

    It strikes me how useful this product could be for all the shops with pneumatic sanders or grinders in use. This filtered plug, could definitely prevent downtime and increase tool life in machine shop and garage settings. Let alone automated nailgun groups in factory settings. The savings potential on both new tools and down times could be huge for manufacturers. Any, kudos to Coilhose Pneumatic on their simple solution to air tool particle filtration.

  2. Brian Mark says:

    Very good points, Matt. I was sort of thinking along those lines but didn’t really spell it out, so I will now.

    The bigger the mess created or the more mission critical the job, the more important filtering is.

  3. Brian Mark says:

    We’ve just put one of these on our auto-bagger. Since the compressor is in our warehouse and the auto-bagger is vital for our business, it was cheap insurance.

    Actually, $10 to protect anything over $20,000 is incredibly cheap insurance.