Stupid commercial: Craftsman Tools

Posted by on March 15, 2006
Has anyone else seen the commercials that are shown during Nascar races for Craftsman Tools? They have other sporting events showing and then something goes horribly wrong. One that really sticks out to me right now is the bowling commercial where the ball return starts shooting balls at all the spectators. It’s funny… but what’s the message?

Official Tools of Nascar

So the slogan they’re using is Official Tools of Nascar, not Bowling. I think they’re saying that they’re not the official tools of bowling, so it must not have been their tools that made the problem. But the message I get is somehow different. Of course, I always have a unique outlook on things, so tell me if this makes sense.

Don’t use Craftsman for anything but Nascar

Since it’s a Craftsman commercial, and they don’t show another brand of tools causing the problem, the only logical conclusion to me is that the maintenance man trying to hide was using Craftsman tools. Since they’re not sponsoring bowling, their tools don’t work there quite obviously. That’s got to be it, right?

Buy quality tools

Remember, if you’re going to be doing something other than working on a Nascar vehicle, you’re going to need to buy quality hand tools that aren’t from Craftsman. I’ll make the recommendation for Stanley Tools, which is the line of hand tools we will be bringing in very soon. Yes… I know I’m the power tool geek, but I can mention hand tools sometimes, right?

11 Responses to Stupid commercial: Craftsman Tools

  1. Brandon

    They’re not the official tools of bowling because they make the ball return too powerful. Not the official tools of gymnastics because it hopped up the springboard way too much. The one I don’t understand is the “not the official tools of rowing.” The boat just falls apart.

  2. Anonymous

    EXACTLY. I understood the one with bowling, and gymnastice, because it seemed like Craftsman tools made things too powerfull for what the sport needs (Whereas in NASCAR, they need all the power they can get) but the one about the rowing contest made no sence to me because now it is contradicting what they stated in the other 2 commercials. Now, if in the rowing commercial, the boat had gone too fast, it would have made more sence, however since there are no mechanical parts on a rowboat that could cause too much power, it was easier to just have a problem in this one.

  3. Brian Mark

    Well, perhaps the too much power was in tightening the bolts that hold the oars in place on the rowing commercial. I guess their torque wrenches don’t work.

    Personally, I think they’re all dumb. Where’d all those bowling balls come from? The returns don’t store them. And the gymnastics is implying that they can strengthen springs, but the bolts all fall out when it expands?

    Gimme a break… they’re just all lousy commercials that are supposed to be funny but lack in message.

  4. Tom

    When I saw these commercials, I understood that if bowling, gymnastics and rowing used craftsman tools, everything would work correctly.

  5. Brian Mark


    I think the problem here is that nobody really knows what the message is. The other commenters saw something different than I did, and you saw something different yet. A good marketing message means the same thing to a majority of viewers. These are just lousy.


  6. Anonymous

    The commercials are meant to pass the message that if these events had craftsman tools involved with their sport then the things that broke would have worked perfectly fine.

  7. Anonymous

    I agree with the previous poster, they would work correctly. Also the bowling one is the best of the three commercials

  8. Mike D.

    When I can take a Stanley wrench, ratchet or other hand tool to the store where I bought it and get a replacement, I’ll consider buying them.

  9. Brian Mark

    Mike D,

    I don’t know where you’re thinking of, but we replace Stanley tools at our store that are covered under the lifetime warranty.

  10. Brian

    Stanley over Craftsman?

    I mean, they’re not bad tools, by any means, but, they’re Asian, they’re not anywhere near as easy to warranty as Craftsman, they’re not any cheaper than Craftsman.

    For the price, warranty and quality, it’s impossible to beat Craftsman.

  11. Anonymous

    You would think they would know there are more than 3 lugnuts on a wheel