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First round of server updates are completed

The first round of server updates have been completed. has been moved to the new web servers with only a few minor glitches along the way. I’ll get the category level images fixed here soon so you don’t have to look at black boxes all the time, but otherwise everything appears to be working … Continue reading »

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What Does S.D.S. Stand For?

Yesterday, I made reference to an email that we received some time back. I located the first of his emails and thought I’d share it with you, along with the answer to his question. Hello,I am a Tool Specialist at [big box store], what does S.D.S.stand for? I sell Bosch and DeWalt Hammer Drill bits … Continue reading »

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SDS Max to SDS Plus Adaptor

I remember back a few years, we got an email from a so-called “Tool Expert” from one of the big box stores asking what SDS Plus and SDS Max were. He sold the tools, but didn’t understand the bits. If he really didn’t understand those concepts, I hope he could sell people one of these … Continue reading »

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Milwaukee 14.4V Deal

I was browsing our site and came across one that looked like a great deal today. It appears we bought quite a few 14.4V combo kits that are currently at a great price. I can’t say how long they’ll last for sure, but if you want to pick up some decent tools, check this one … Continue reading »

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Makita Narrow Belt Sander

Ever needed to use a belt sander in a very narrow area? I know I have, and Makita makes just the tool. In fact, they make a 3/8″ belt sander which is perfect for every tight squeeze. Long, Narrow Belt The problem with many narrow belt sanders is that they also have a short belt. … Continue reading »

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Coming Soon – A Faster ToolBarn

We’ve heard the complaints about our site being slow at times. We’re stepping up to the plate and upgrading the web servers and the database backend to try and make this less of a problem. We’re buying more than we need to handle future growth and have everything planned so we can expand upon the … Continue reading »

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Processing Parts Orders

Parts orders are labor intensive. With over 15,000 unique parts in stock at any moment, finding those parts to fill orders can easily be a full time job for 8 people. We were at that point once. Now, we utilize technology and machinery to process more orders in less time with fewer people. (We moved … Continue reading »

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Planer Blade Sharpener

As I was walking through our new showroom today, I noticed an odd looking product. I hadn’t seen one like it before (we didn’t have enough room in our last showroom), so I had to ask what it was. Turns out, it is a planer blade sharpener and we already had it on our website. … Continue reading »

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Milwaukee’s Pneumatic Nailers and Staplers

Please note: I intended to publish this about a month ago, but with our move into our new facility and other issues, that goal obviously slipped. Still good info even though this is no longer a preview of an upcoming tool, but of a tool that should be available now. I got the opportunity to … Continue reading »

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Made in the USA – Now just a myth?

I received an email on 3/22/2006 that I’ll post below as a nice introduction, then get into the bulk of my post below that. Brian Mark, I read your posting about not liking the Craftsman truck series commercial about bowling (no, I didn’t watch it as I am sure it was not very good). To … Continue reading »

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