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Pressure Washers – Selection and Uses

Pressure washers are awesome for cleaning stuff outside. Combining more power and less water usage should be enough reason for anyone cleaning things to buy one, right? Well, not really. There is always the “Do I have a use for it” argument because these are fairly substantial investments. Pressure Washer Uses With so much power … Continue reading »

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Bosch 36V Litheon Advantages

As I’ve stated two times prior, Bosch gave us some of their marketing materials which I’m sharing and commenting on for the next few weeks surrounding their launch. Today, I’ll be focusing on their stated advantages from Litheon technology. Litheon Advantage #1Longest Cycle Life Longer cycle life means that there are more charges per battery, … Continue reading »

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Bosch Litheon Tools – Current and Planned

In part two of my series on Lithoen, I’m going to take a look at the tools they’re offering and planning. Of course, more will be offered as time progresses. Superior Power to Weight RatioOf course, the big thing is the power-to-weight ratio. That was covered in more depth here, but it’s worth mentioning again … Continue reading »

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Bosch Litheon vs The Rest

Bosch gave us some of their marketing materials today on Litheon technology and it has a huge section on the competition. I feel some of this warrants a little sharing with my readers over the next few days, as well as some questioning. Lithium-ion Benefit: 2X the Energy Density This is absolutely true. The benefit … Continue reading »

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Power Tool Warranties

For years now, power tool manufacturers have held fast the “Industry Standard” 1 year warranty. Well, that isn’t the case any more. In fact, 2, 3, and even 5 year warranties are offered by many of our manufacturers now. But are they pulling a fast one here? While I generally agree that the longer warranties … Continue reading »

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Search from FireFox

For those of you who don’t know about FireFox, it’s a competing web browser to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Once you have FireFox installed, browsing to the homepage will show you a link right next to the search box, labeled “FireFox Search Plug-In”. Matt has created a plug-in that allows you to search very … Continue reading »

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Looking for a few good people.

As we continue to grow rapidly, we’re always looking for some good people to fill new jobs at our company. In an effort to better communicate those opportunities, I got Jackie N in human resources hooked up with an Omaha careers blog. She’ll be posting any openings there and I’ll be making them more “Search … Continue reading »

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