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Rotary Hammer Tests

A few months ago, we broke out a few of our D-Handle Hammer Drills and put them to a test. The lineup included the Makita HR2455, Hitachi DH24PF3, Bosch 11224VSR, Bosch 11255VSR and the Dewalt D25203K. The test was pretty simple. We grabbed some 3/8” SDS bits and went to this big boulder we have … Continue reading »

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Li-Ion Tool Sales History – Canada

With Li-Ion tools being out in North America for over a year now I think its time to take a look back and see how it went. What has been selling well, and what has not. Disclaimer First a disclaimer, this article by no means is reflecting on the actual quality of any of the … Continue reading »

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Chris Sherman – Tool Belt Winner

Earlier this month, Allan Dick from Vintage Tub & Bath invited me to a dinner while I was at Search Engine Strategies in San Jose. He had it at the famous Hakone Gardens, and also had co-sponsors of Hitwise and PepperJam Search entertain us with their very memorable haiku sales pitches. I must say, it … Continue reading »

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My New Favorite Tool

As a tool store, we have the advantage of seeing new products before the general public. We also have the advantage of comparing tools side by side. So when the new Makita 14.4v Lithium Ion BDF440 came in, it quickly found a place on top of my favorites list. This beauty of a tool is … Continue reading »

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Milwaukee V18 Tools Coming Soon

Our Milwaukee sales rep stopped by yesterday to talk to me about their new V18 tools. He brought in his demo unit of the V18 cordless hammer-drill/driver. It looks like September 1st will see the release of their V18 hammer drill kit (0824-24) and their 4 piece cordless tool kit (0920-29). These will be up … Continue reading »

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Hands on with the Bosch Pocket Driver

We recently got to spend a couple of days with the new Bosch Litheon 10.8V tools in the IT office. After playing with them a bit, I’ve got to say I really like them. But don’t just take the easy answer, let me tell you what all I like about the Pocket Driver. Balance The … Continue reading »

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Round three of server upgrades done

Round 3 of the server upgrade process is finally done. We’re up to 9 machines to keep the site fully functional, so it should be a drastic improvement in speed and reliability from before we started this process. Again, if you spot any errors let us know. We’ve been working to make sure nothing major … Continue reading »

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Makita Lithium-Ion Multi-Impact Hammer Driver Drill

Part of my job is to keep an eye out for new products. For some reason customers expect me to have a wealth of knowledge of all the latest power tool gizmo’s. Fortunately, its also something I like to do. One item that has caught my eye is the new Makita BTP130. I first saw … Continue reading »

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Hitachi 18V Lithium Ion Tools!

Yesterday our local Hitachi Rep came in showing off his new toy – an 18v Lithium Ion Driver/Drill. One nice thing about the Hitachi Lithium-Ion platform is that it is completely compatible with its existing battery system, so all you need is the new battery charger that can handle lithium ion and all systems are … Continue reading »

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