Hitachi 18V Lithium Ion Tools!

Posted by on August 1, 2006

Yesterday our local Hitachi Rep came in showing off his new toy – an 18v Lithium Ion Driver/Drill. One nice thing about the Hitachi Lithium-Ion platform is that it is completely compatible with its existing battery system, so all you need is the new battery charger that can handle lithium ion and all systems are a go.

I think the new drills look a better than their old DMR series of drills. The new drills look more futuristic robotic and more masculine in my opinion, compared to the reptilian look of their old drills. I had a chance to compare the li-ion drill with the old drill side by side.

One large advantage I can immediately see is that this is the first cordless drill-driver I know of with a 4 speed gear selector. While many still sport a 2 speed, some are finally moving to 3 speed, but Hitachi went straight to a 4th option. That should make for a much closer match to the job you’re doing. Not necessary for the homeowner, but professionals will see the benefits immediately.

The new drill is lighter (as it should be with li-ion batteries) but it was bigger and bulkier, which I was a little surprised with considering all of Makita’s Li-ion tools are more compact. Of course the Hitachi Rep told us how much better their Li-ion performed compared to Makita’s – which is definitely possible – but I will wait until I see some actual test results, and get a chance to try them out myself before making a verdict.

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6 Responses to Hitachi 18V Lithium Ion Tools!

  1. Anonymous

    You will have to tell Nick that the Makita Rep based out of Minneapolis would welcome the opportunity to go “chuck-to-chuck” for pinks or maybe you could ask him if he would like to just settle things in the Fargo Holiday Inn Bar.

  2. Anonymous

    Forget Hitachi and Makita – they are just providing the market with toys – try DEWALT’s superior 36v range!

  3. Brian Mark

    Personally, I find the DeWALT to be overkill for almost everything and very cumbersome, just due to the size and weight. These 18V toys are selling better for us and handle the jobs that our contractor customers do just fine.

    I guess if you’re drilling concrete all day, that’s a different story. But for traditional uses for cordless, these toys are much better to play with IMO.

  4. Anonymous

    Simmer down, Makita LXT is best in class and has proven it time & time again. If you are not a believer, just put a 3″ self feed bit into a Bosch, Hitachi, Dewalt, Ridgid, Milwaukee, and Makita. Then go out to a jobsite with a work bench and some 2 by 4′s and see who is still working when the others have literally caught on fire. 18volt is all you need. The other guys are “heavy” NOT “HEAVY DUTY”!

  5. Brian Mark

    Best in class is a bold statement. All the manufacturers make nice tools, and I haven’t seen any reports of tools catching fire. We’ve had zero problems from the Lithium tools we’ve sold, regardless of brand.

  6. Sergi Balaguer

    All your reasons are OK, but the real decision when you want to buy a tool, is not the appareance, or weight, the real story is…
    Why you buy a cordless and not corded?
    You need power and performance.
    Dewalt, probably is the only brand who give’s you that.
    just we only need to wait to see the next generations.