Makita Lithium-Ion Multi-Impact Hammer Driver Drill

Posted by on August 2, 2006

Part of my job is to keep an eye out for new products. For some reason customers expect me to have a wealth of knowledge of all the latest power tool gizmo’s. Fortunately, its also something I like to do. One item that has caught my eye is the new Makita BTP130. I first saw this unit on the Makita Japan Website, which has some really interesting stuff on it that is often not available in North America. When we discovered this little guy it created a buzz at the shop. What is it? Well, we can’t read Japanese, but we can look at pictures and we found out it’s a Lithium Ion Multi-Impact Hammer Driver Drill.

Check it out here…

This machine looks like a typical impact driver at first glance, however, on closer inspection you will immediately notice that there is a torque clutch like you would find on a drill and a selector switch on top of the machine. The selector switch gives you several options. The first mode is between low and high speed drilling, the second one is for impact mode, third is hammer drill, and the fourth one is driver mode where the clutch will be engaged.

That is a lot of options wrapped up in a very small (3.8lbs) package. It still has full power in impact mode at 1,240 in/lbs of torque. I know a lot of guys have asked me if anyone would put a torque clutch on an impact drill because with that much power it is sometimes too easy to accidentally drive in your screw too far and damage your project. Well, it looks like Makita is the first one to do it, and they went way overboard and added several more features on it to boot. The only thing I would of liked is a normal drill chuck, but the power of the impact mode would make that completely impractical. This machine holds a lot of promise of being a wonderful multi-tool. I have talked to our local Makita reps about it, they haven’t even had a chance to see one first hand yet and are hoping they will be available in August.

It has been in Japan for almost a year now, so I am sure they must have any bugs of such a complex machine worked out by now. As for price tag? I don’t know yet, but I bet it won’t be cheap.

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4 Responses to Makita Lithium-Ion Multi-Impact Hammer Driver Drill

  1. Anonymous

    ‘Disturbing to see such convergence. What kind of application would this tool be best for? What tradesman would drool over it?

  2. Rob

    Hi Brian,

    They have brought out an 18v 4 Function Combi drill, over here in the UK, available in September.;=48&open;=48&grpage;=1

    I was going to get the LXT drill and LXT impact driver now i will just get this one. I hope they will bring out a jigsaw to add to their new lithium ion range.


  3. Anonymous

    i posted this in the wrong section origianlly but here are some links about this nifty tool. i’m really looking forward to this in spetember
    (294 pounds is around $550 i believe);=48&open;=48#

  4. 4)Jeep(X)dude(4

    I can see this tool working well in the four wheel drive community for trail repairs. Enought torq to remove a lug nut yet universal to help with other repairs. Plus compact size and long lasting
    Li-ion battery and a low amp charger to recharg from a small onboard power inverter is great! Cant wait to get my hands on one…