My New Favorite Tool

Posted by on August 22, 2006

As a tool store, we have the advantage of seeing new products before the general public. We also have the advantage of comparing tools side by side. So when the new Makita 14.4v Lithium Ion BDF440 came in, it quickly found a place on top of my favorites list.

This beauty of a tool is comparable in size to the Bosch pocket driver. It is only about a half inch longer, but it has a 1/2″ chuck! It is about an inch and a half taller because it has a larger battery pack, which I actually prefer because it is balanced very nicely and can ‘stand’ upright on its battery instead of having to lie it down on its side. Having to lie it down is a personal pet pieve with power tools because I hate marking up the sides prematurely.

As for power, it has tons! One of the Makita Sales Reps left his model here for the week to let us try out. As it turned out we were doing some in-house renovations and decided to use this little guy. We were using 17″ long 5/8″ auger bits bits into pressure treated wood without a problem. Very impressive for a machine thats only 3.5lbs. It has wonderful feeling hand grips, and that little L.E.D. light at the front to help light up your workplace.

If you’re looking for something compact yet powerful, you’ll want to check this guy out whenever he becomes available.

This article has been submitted by Chris of KMS Tools.

7 Responses to My New Favorite Tool

  1. Matthew

    This comment is a little off topic to the post but anyway…
    Who, off the new LI manufacturers, will offer a cordless, LI, nailer or stapler the first? And which off them will offer them whenever?


  2. Brian Mark

    I have not heard of anyone that is releasing one soon. It seems they like to keep the release dates and upcoming plans a secret. Of course, Milwaukee keeps talking about a V28 Jobsite Microwave, so that’s not going to be a secret when it finally launches.

    I guess you’ll just have to watch for press releases. My bet would be DeWALT, since they’re the only one with a Ni-Cad nailer that really works well at this time. I just don’t have any information as to when.

  3. Anonymous

    found on the makita uk site under 18v cordless

  4. KMS Chris

    well, right now in Japan makita has a 23 gauge Li-ion pin nailer. It’s supposed to be coming to north america soon. as for the 18gauge? not sure. havent seen anything yet, other than that black and decker model that is currently out there(ni-cad).

    The technology is outthere, its just a matter of making it pretty good, while keep the cost reasonalbe.

  5. KMS Chris

    oh yeah, just a little fun fact if didnt see my other post.

    we tested this guy out, 2-1/2″ deck screws into hemlock wood.

    got a staggering 170 screws driven in. thats ALOT. i was figuring it would be around 120-130, but it just kept going and going. around 150 i was hoping it would die cause man i was starting to get tired.

    when i get more time, i think i will take some of our other drills (bosch, dewalt, etc) and do simliar tests with them so i can see first hand what they do.

  6. Anonymous

    Do you know when the BDF440 is going to be on sale in the USA? This sounds like it is the kind of cordless drill I have been looking for.

    If it won’t be on sale in the USA soon, is it already on sale in Canada?

  7. TGM

    Just picked up this drill, and I like it alot. Picked it up in Toronto, Canada here:

    Battery is great, very light, good charger, led is helpful, and very well built (made in Japan).

    Cant turn off led, and I felt the forward and reverse button is a little too wide, seemed to stick out too much.

    Now as for power, well it can easily drive 5/16″ Hex 1″ self-tapping screws through 1/4″ steel angle. With enough left to break the head off the screw.