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Engraver perfect for a shop or your home

Dremel Engraver: The 10 Minute ReviewI spent a little time using the Dremel 290-01 engraver around the ol’ IT office today. I needed to mark a couple of nice little Olympus digital voice recorders with a engraving, just in case they walked away. The cases were an ABS plastic type case, and the engraver … Continue reading »

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Is that a V28 Engine under the hood? Milwaukee Li-Ion Chevy Bel-Air

The “Red Line” tour came to our place today. This included the Monster Garage built V28 powered car. Not only is this thing cool to look at, it’s also pretty darn quick – getting up to almost 100 mph in the quarter mile. It runs from 384 of Milwaukee’s V28 Li-Ion batteries and drew quite … Continue reading »

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Flexible power – the Bosch I-Driver

Every once in a while, a new tool comes along that just says, “Why hasn’t anyone done this before?” Well, in 2006 that tool is the Bosch I-Driver. Being flexible in the past has meant bending behind the motor, such as some of the Milwaukee cordless screwdrivers. They would bend at about the middle of … Continue reading »

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Holey spade bits! Someone’s yanking my cables.

To answer the first question you all have. Yes, I am easily entertained. So, do you ever look close at your trusty spade bit and wonder why there is a hole near the tip? It can’t do anything appreciable for cooling down a hot blade. It isn’t big enough to fit on a nail or … Continue reading »

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Wire Pulling Tool

As I said in my previous post, we’ve got lots of cables run around the building already. But we do occasionally have to pull wires to a place that we weren’t planning on running a PC. In the past, we used wire coat hangers, other wire, or whatever else we could find lying around. Now, … Continue reading »

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CATV Wire Stripper

We finally got a hand tool more designed for us geeks. It’s a CATV wire stripper. Being a dotcom, we have plenty of use for a Cat5 wire stripper… but we also have cable modems and CATV around the building as well. What really makes me think I need one of these for home, though, … Continue reading »

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