Engraver perfect for a shop or your home

Posted by on September 18, 2006

Dremel Engraver: The 10 Minute Review
I spent a little time using the Dremel 290-01 engraver around the ol’ IT office today. I needed to mark a couple of nice little Olympus digital voice recorders with a ToolBarn.com engraving, just in case they walked away. The cases were an ABS plastic type case, and the engraver did a great job on a setting on 1 (out of five speed settings). While it buzzes a little like a very annoying old alarm clock, it is quite easy to write clearly on settings one through three.

Four and five are very strong impacts and can jump around on the surface you are engraving if you aren’t careful. Of course, since I wanted to try it out a little more I decided I would try them out on the Irwin Vise-Grip bent-nose pliers that we have come to cherish up in the IT office. The pliers are nickel chromium steel, so I figures I’d try a five setting first. It did a great job of marking them, but I wasn’t able to keep the fine control I wanted. So I flipped them over and tried it on 3. Still a nice strong marking, but this time, I was able to maintain finer control.

For a tool under $20, the engraver gets a big thumbs up from me. If it were over $25, then I might complain a bit more about the volume of the tool in operation. As it is, don’t use it around (or on) a sleeping baby, and you should like it just fine.

One Response to Engraver perfect for a shop or your home

  1. Brian Mark

    So where do the Internet Translation Office pliers sleep? Just kidding.

    I do really like those. I’m bummed that Irwin didn’t include any in the tool bag they sent me home with from product training. At least I got one of the miter lasers, even if I didn’t get the sweet bent nose pliers.