Milwaukee Sawzalls

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4 Responses

  1. KMS Chris says:

    funny comment about the amp rating.

    the dewalt DW368 circ saw used to be a 13amp machine. Dewalt got it retested for 15amps, which it passed, so now its a 15 amp machine. They didnt change a single thing to it, but no people think its a better machine because of the higher amp rating.
    would be nice if they had output power rating on the machines aswell

  2. Anonymous says:

    Milwaukee’s Super Sawz All is only half as fast as a Makita JR3070CT Reciprocating Saw! That is a fact! Don’t believe me the go get 2 identical blades and 4 x 4 or a pipe and start cutting! No one can beat Makita in this catagory!

  3. Brian Mark says:

    Which of Milwaukee’s are you comparing? Speed isn’t everything. Some of their saws are made for comfort or for smooth cuts. Speed isn’t always the goal.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You forgot to mention that some of the saws offered by Milwaukee, Makita, and Hitachi offer counterbalances/Vibration controls. I would not buy a saw without it.