Sabertooth Tools – High Torque Screwdriver

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have had one for over a year. Awesome. I am a quadraplegic with no grip and almost no ability to flex my fingers open or closed. This driver has been great. I use a B&D; small power driver and 24V drill driver for most things but this hand driver is a great take along tool or for places my power drivers can’t get. Each side of the fold out T handle accepts a driver bit

  2. Mike Feeney says:

    Seriously an A+ tool … indestuctible, well designed, great selection of double ended bits (that show little sign of wear), handy pouch (just not as durable as the rest of the tool). I’ve used mine every work day for the last 2 years, and am glad that I bought it each time I use it.
    There is just one love/hate drawback to it’s “old school” design … it uses bits held into the tool by a captive ball-bearing in each bit, not by magnetism! I really like and value this non-magnetic feature, but the only place I know of to buy more bits is from the manufacturer. I need to use security bits and had to fashion my own adapter to accept standard bits held in place magnetically