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The IT tools I promised sooo long ago…

So, it’s been a bit since I have had a chance to post to the ol’ blog. I apologize to the non-geek crowd, as this week I’m going to talk a bit about my day to day job here at Originally, this blog was going to be a bit of a mixture of power … Continue reading »

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Limited Time Only – Penny Shipping

For the end of December and the month of January, we’re offering penny shipping on all orders over $99 and totaling under 75 lbs. Depending on how this program goes, the end date could be sooner or it could be later. We’ll just have to see how it goes, but for the meantime, enjoy this … Continue reading »

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Easier Ways to Work with Ceiling Tile

As most people know if they have read my blog before, I love seeing new items that fill a need. Fortunately, our company is dynamic enough that often when I make a suggestion for a new product that I see at a store or in a manufacturer catalog, within a week or so, it is … Continue reading »

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