Easier Ways to Work with Ceiling Tile

Posted by on December 3, 2006

As most people know if they have read my blog before, I love seeing new items that fill a need. Fortunately, our company is dynamic enough that often when I make a suggestion for a new product that I see at a store or in a manufacturer catalog, within a week or so, it is in our warehouse waiting for customers to find it. The last time this happened, I had just seen a few Stanley Maxlife 369 tripod lights on clearance at one of my local department stores. Now we carry two other varieties of this light and it is one of our best selling lights… proof that some places just don’t know how to sell good products (I’m sure we’re missing the boat on one or two ourselves). Anyway, back to ceiling tile and another, seemingly less exciting, product that I also recently discovered which are now en route to our warehouse.

The Irwin 93543 and Irwin 93545 ceiling tile drivers are actually bits designed to drive eye hooks. As you probably know, eye hooks are basically a screw or bolt with the shaft turning into a hook or eyelet at the end. So, the ceiling tile drivers are a simple slotted bit, with the slots long enough to drive the eye hook straight. A simple solution to what could be a tedious problem. I also like it more than the powder actuated track systems I have seen… it is simpler and far less expensive.

In addition to the eye hook drivers, we have added another nice product for ceiling tile installers or electricians. This one is the Greenlee Quick Cutter Recessed Lighting hole saw. Basically, this is an adjustable hole saw that cuts between 2-1/2″ and 7″ holes for recessed or can lighting. It works in either ceiling tiles or drywall and like the ceiling tile drivers it just goes right into your 3/8″ or bigger chuck on a corded drill or cordless drill.

Eye Hook Driver If you install drop ceilings for a living, then you might even want to check out a rotary laser or some of the many rotary cutting tools we carry. If you just are looking to do a room or two in your basement, then Quick Cutter and the ceiling tile drivers might be enough to save you a lot of aggravation . I think the eyehook drivers could be useful in a lot of other areas, and hopefully my hunch is right.

If any of you have any good ideas for projects involving eye hooks or tips for people installing ceiling tile, feel free to add a comment!

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    Matt with guys like you willing to go out on a limb, you fulfill the dreams of the shy who were always afriad to ask.” Is there anyone out there who gets me”