The IT tools I promised sooo long ago…

Matt Griffith

Matt Griffith has been with, Inc since 2001. He is currently the Director of Quality Assurance & Optimization for all of ToolBarn's web sites. He turns over rocks to find problems and then he makes other people fix them.

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1 Response

  1. Matthew says:

    You should try the Kill-A-Watt watt meter, it would be great replacement to your paperweight ;).

    I wrote a little review of the one I bought.

    I would like to switch completely to OpenOffice2 as well, but Outlook has a tight noose around my neck! Everything just works with it and some things just don’t with Thunderbird. But to their credit, OO and Thundebird have come a tremendous way from what they once were. I think though for the moment I will stick w/ Office 2003 until Thunderbird is feature-feature with Outlook.

    Great Post!