Makita TD020DSEW 7.2V Li-Ion Impact

Posted by on January 17, 2007

When Makita decided to come out with a 7.2V Li-Ion impact, I was expecting a smallish drill looking device with half as much power as their 14.4V model. What they came out with instead looks more like a cordless screwdriver with 177 in. lbs. of torque.

While this isn’t going to be anywhere near 1/2 of the 14.4V in terms of power (1240 in. lbs.), the size and usability of this device makes it incredibly attractive in place of a screwdriver. It also costs considerably less. In fact, it’s about 1/3 the price of a 14.4V LXT impact.

While the 14.4V impressed me at 3.1 lbs, this 7.2V model is amazingly light at just over 1 pound. It’s listed at 1.17 lbs with battery, so the weight shouldn’t be an issue regardless of use. It also has an LED light for dimly lit work areas and comes with a second battery. With 2 batteries and a 30 minute charge time, it makes for some serious usefulness.

I’m thinking about picking one up for computer desks and other ready-to-assemble furniture. That seems like a great use for the Makita TD020DSEW to me.

4 Responses to Makita TD020DSEW 7.2V Li-Ion Impact

  1. Velosapien

    Hmmm… Interesting. Now I wonder if I should get this or the bosch litheon driver. While on the subjecy of new Makita tools, is there any info on whether the 18v LXT jigsaw will ever be released in the US? I’ve noticed its on the Makita UK site and available in some online shops there.

  2. KMS Chris

    this gun is very interesting.

    however, if you are doing fine detail work i would be wary because it has relative high RPM and 2300, no variable speed, and no torque clutch. as such its not truly a finesse tool like the bosch 10.8 guns are.

    that being said, it still does what it does pretty good. its speed and small size a decent torque still does certain applications pretty good. Just be careful that you are getting the right tool for the job.

  3. KMS Chris

    hey velosapien

    I do have some info on the 18v Jigsaws. They are not yet aviable in the US…but soon will be.
    Right now you can find them in Europe (which is makita’s biggest market) and Japan. I know Canada will be seeing them very soon as they are avaible on the order request lists from Makita. Therefore I assume the US dealers should have them avaible very soon also. Maybe a month or two.

    Also, for those who are interested the new 1/2″ drive Li-Ion drives should be availbe very soon(if not already). Very similar to the BTD140 hex impact drive, but these news ones have a whopping 170 Ft/lbs of torque!!

  4. Rock

    Wow! That’ll be great if the LXT jigsaw gets to the US soon. I’d love to see the miter come back in the LXT line, too! Any idea if that’s a likelihood?