Forged vs Milled Phillips Bits – Irwin Torsion Bits

Posted by on February 13, 2007

Phillips bits are just a + shaped piece of metal, right? What’s the big deal how they get that plus shape? After all, they all just wear out eventually.

Irwin didn’t think that was the case. They thought the manufacturing process mattered, and they came out with new bits, named torsion bits, late last year that were designed to be different. They’re forged instead of milled.

But what’s the big deal?

When phillips bits are milled, they generally get produced with almost a “Scooping” motion. This leads to slightly rounded sides on the four pieces of metal, and the screws only touch at the tip of the bit. By forging the bits, they not only get a precise fit into the screws, but the bit lasts longer due to the decreased slipping and higher strength.

Irwin didn’t shop there, though. They also tumble all of the bits to make them shiny, then paint a blue band around them to really make them stand out as being unique. In fact, more users liked the blue band than anything in field tests.

What makes them a real value though isn’t just that they last longer, but they only have a marginal premium on the price. I’m using them right now at home and really like them, so I’ll keep on buying them. Not that a bit wears out all that often for home use, but I can actually feel the difference in the fit inside the screw, and feel makes a difference to me. I’d recommend the Irwin Torsion Bits to anyone that’s using phillips bits on a regular basis.

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  1. StatMan

    I didn’t realize there would be any difference. You’ve convinced me.