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Summer is coming – get your wooden patio ready!

Summer is here and it’s time to put that wood patio deck project on speed dial. If you haven’t already started, the time is right to begin planning. You’ll certainly need the right tools. A nailer for hidden decking fasteners is one that I’d recommend. You won’t have to worry about nails pulling up, and … Continue reading »

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More contest winner photos

It was December in the windy city. It was cold outside, but inside was a hot round of prize drawings at Allan Dick‘s special dinner event. I didn’t get pictures of every winner, but I “borrowed” a couple taken of a couple of the winners I gave prizes to. First, Chris Sherman won again. He … Continue reading »

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SeeSnake Micro

This tool just needs to be filed under cool. It’s the SeeSnake Micro from Ridgid. If you’ve ever seen the SciFi show “Ghost Hunters“, they use the standard SeeSnake regularly to see into rooms they otherwise wouldn’t venture in to. But for plumbers (the day job for the two founders of T.A.P.S.), the SeeSnake is … Continue reading »

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Reading Blueprints

I’ve never understood how to read blueprints. There are a bunch of lines, symbols, and unless you’re in the know, it just seems like a bunch of junk on a piece of paper. Well, if you’re like me but actually want to know how to read a blueprint (I don’t really care to right now), … Continue reading »

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