SeeSnake Micro

Posted by on March 9, 2007

This tool just needs to be filed under cool. It’s the SeeSnake Micro from Ridgid. If you’ve ever seen the SciFi show “Ghost Hunters“, they use the standard SeeSnake regularly to see into rooms they otherwise wouldn’t venture in to. But for plumbers (the day job for the two founders of T.A.P.S.), the SeeSnake is essential in seeing what has caused the blockage in sewer pipes.

But now, Ridgid decided to make a portable version for inside walls. This is a perfect tool for electricians, network techs or even cable installers. It’s lightweight and powered from 4 AA batteries, making it very versatile. The screen, at 2.5″, is large enough to be useful while still being inexpensive enough to make this device very affordable.

What good is it with a 3′ cable you may be asking yourself about now. Well, it’s quite useful, because you can add extensions to it easy enough to get up to 30′. That seems like enough length to make it very useful for wiring to me. Adding 9 extensions makes the price quite a bit higher, but it’s still much more reasonable than the full sized SeeSnake by quite a bit.

But it’s not just about the length. The mirror, hook and magnet (all included) make the uses continue to grow. I’m thinking this could actually be very nice for running network and phone cables behind cubicle walls around our offices. With some imagination, there are a ton of uses.

I’m excited about the SeeSnake Micro. It looks like Ridgid has a real winner, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

5 Responses to SeeSnake Micro

  1. Andrew

    Very interesting! Can you control where the head is looking at all, or will it just hang loose at the end of the cable?

  2. Brian Mark

    If it is like the larger ones, the cable is semi-flexible. It won’t flop around, but it’ll bend when you need it to. It’s very similar to a drain auger.

    When I get one in my hands, I’ll be able to tell you for sure. But being in the programming area at ToolBarn, that may be a while.

  3. Anonymous

    I think this thing just amazing. Very very very amazing. It is I of the best invention of all time if you ask me which i think you should, cause i know all and i am all mighty and all seeing. point BLANK THIS IS A GREAT PEICE OF TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. DonE

    I bought the Ridgid SeeSnake micro and was disappointed with it. It’s better in theory than in practice. I wanted to use it to look into a short section of sewer pipe, but it didn’t work well. The camera isn’t wide angle enough to show the whole pipe: it often just showed one wall. Also if the camera snakehead got gunk on it (usual, for a sewer!) then the image got blotted out. Somehow the $3900-5000 regular SeeSnakes that plumbers use don’t have this problem. Also, the lights don’t work well, they create glare and I couldn’t see much. Again, the more expensive, regular SeeSnakes don’t have this problem. Even putting the SeeSnake Micro down a wall didn’t give very impressive results. Lots of glare, not wide enough angle view. I think they ought to make the snake less rigid, more bendable, and put a more wide angle lens on the camera.

  5. TC Lipe

    It’s very easy to add a composite video out to this tool. I added one as well as a wireless video transmitter to record video and still captures on my laptop. The larger screen makes it easier to see the detail of what you are inspecting.