Summer is coming – get your wooden patio ready!

Posted by on March 14, 2007

Summer is here and it’s time to put that wood patio deck project on speed dial. If you haven’t already started, the time is right to begin planning.

You’ll certainly need the right tools. A nailer for hidden decking fasteners is one that I’d recommend. You won’t have to worry about nails pulling up, and it will look very clean and hold better than standard nails.

The best holding power, although not as nice looking, is from screws. Auto-feed screwguns make that a whole lot easier. Of course, lag bolts will need a socket set and joist hangers could use a joist nailer as well, but what’s most important is enjoying your patio.

Once you’re lounging and feeling that summer sun, you might want to get a patio umbrella. That will make all the hard work of putting it together in the first place so much more rewarding.

One Response to Summer is coming – get your wooden patio ready!

  1. brad900


    I have just found your site and have been using it as a great resource. I really need some pointed advice in regards to basic tools. I just bought my first home and going DIY crazy- I am replacing a lot of my substandard tools and would appreciate any guidance as far as the tools you would not be without. Currently I am trying to buy an “all over” cordless drill(drill/driver/hammer) that will handle light jobs like drywall screws/ picture hanging all the way through drilling into the concrete in my garage.