Skywalker Stilts

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5 Responses

  1. Bryan says:

    Thanks for all the great videos. Just wanted to give you a bit of perspective on the use of stilts here in Montreal. The provincial organization responsible for work site safety will heavily fine (and in some cases de-license) any worker caught using them under any conditions. While greatly speeding up the work flow (people still take the risk here) during plaster work, there have just been so many accidents with them on sites. Mostly involving the wearer tripping on something unseen while working ceiling joints. Crash.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe in Canada they will fine you but here in the states, we enjoy the freedom of using our own good sense. I use these stilts for hanging access points and running network cable. They save so much time.

  3. David says:

    What if the ceiling is a bit higher? Would you want stilts that can jump? Has OSHA regulated the use of acrobatic stilts yet? Maybe that would be too much fun at “work”.

  4. Anders Holm says:

    OMG ! -they are massive! Indeed “Skywalker Stilts” is a worthy name :)

  5. R Pugh says:

    Bought a pair of the around six months back. Thought they were the best thing made. Until one day my partner went down wearing them installing hat channel. The leg support and part of the foot plate broke right off. There is only one screw holding the foot plate to the shaft of the stilts. And from you walking and leaning back and forth, the foot plate will fail and take you and the support arm with it. If you value your will being and like working without crutches. I would pass these up and go with a pair you know and trust!