PDF files won’t open in FireFox?

Posted by on December 8, 2007

I noticed a few of our local machines suddenly stopped being able to display inline PDF files in Windows based FireFox 2.0.0 versions after about .7. I uninstalled both Firefox and Acrobat Reader, reinstalled, disabled add-ons and plug-ins and re-enabled them. I searched high and low for a solution but really ended up striking out.

Whenever I went to ToolPartsDirect.com, our tool repair site and clicked to blow up a PDF schematic, it would ask if I wanted to save to disk or open Acrobat Reader. It turns out that after one of the upgrades to Acrobat or Firefox somehow the setting in Firefox to use the PDF plug-in got reset. It is actually pretty simple to turn it back on.

  1. Go to your Tools menu, and click on Options…
  2. Choose the Content tab
  3. Under File Types click the Manage… button
  4. On the Download Actions page, look for the Extension PDF, and highlight that line
  5. Click Change Action… button
  6. Click the final radio button, that reads Use this Plugin: Adobe Acrobat

If for some reason, at step 4 you cannot find PDF. Find a PDF file on a website and click on it from your browser, when it asks what you would like to do with the file, check the Do this with files like this from now on and select either save to disk or open with Acrobat Reader. Then repeat the steps above. You should now see PDF and be able to select the plug-in.

Hopefully this helps some other frustrated people out there, maybe even some trying to view schematics on our sites.

3 Responses to PDF files won’t open in FireFox?

  1. DanaMark

    Thanks. That may keep us from “refrustrating” your frustration. As they say, there is no need to reinvent the wheel!

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you!!! Your instructions are the only one I’ve found that actually worked!

  3. Anonymous


    many thanks