Skil Power Cutter

Posted by on May 13, 2008

Skil recently released the power cutter and is advertising it pretty heavily. It’s got many interesting uses, and this innovative tool is great year-round, indoors and out.

Cutting landscaping fabric is a great use this time of year. Scissors can easily dull while trying to cut this stuff, and knives are dangerous, so the auto-sharp blade on the power cutter is a great option here.

Great for Birthdays, Holidays, weddings and other gifting events, the power cutter makes easy work of wrapping paper, ribbons and boxes.

Excellence in cutting fabric means it’s great for crafts and hobbies like sewing and quilting. Scissors can tire you out when doing large projects, so the power cutter is the perfect addition to any sewing room.

Outdoors, you’ll find it a great choice for cutting vinyl siding, tar paper and more.

Of course, we can’t show you everything, but some other uses include cutting carpet, plastic packaging, fabric, leather, paper, cardboard, vinyl siding, vinyl flooring, wallpaper and many others. Use your imagination and you’ll find plenty of justification to buy this handy tool.

5 Responses to Skil Power Cutter

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the run-down on this new product. I’m considering this as a gift for my dad, who loves gadgets and still likes to tackle diy house projects but won’t let age keep him from attempting most tasks.

  2. Anonymous

    Thinking of purchase for myself. Was wondering if it can cut the padding under the carpet. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous

    Have one; like it. Cannot find anywhere how long to charge it. Does anyone know? Were you able to find it in the “manual”?

  4. Brian Mark

    Being a Lithium-Ion battery, you should be able to charge it overnight and leave it on the charger when you’re not using it. Lithium doesn’t develop a memory like Ni-Cad, so charge away.

  5. Anonymous

    I have arthritis in my hands, but want to make doll furniture out of corrugated cardboard – does anyone know if this easily cuts curves?