33 Time Saving Home Improvement and Repair Tips


Matt Griffith

Matt Griffith has been with ToolBarn.com, Inc since 2001. He is currently the Director of Quality Assurance & Optimization for all of ToolBarn's web sites. He turns over rocks to find problems and then he makes other people fix them.

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  1. Sai says:

    Yes, they are very different Drywall Nails are thin and thaerded to prevent it from pulling out. Roofing nails have a large head to prevent liquid from getting into the nail hole, since they lay flat there is little chance to pull out so less precaution is taken to prevent this. Drywall nails carries the weight of the drywall, in the least. Roofing nails don’t.Roofing nails are designed to be covered by a thick coat of tar(not water soluable). Drywall nails are disigned to be covered by a thin coat of plaster ( water soluable).I would not use roofing nails to hang Drywall. Plus don’t forget the obvious one, Drywall has a thickness that most roofing nails do not have to support.In the end, you will be expecting roofing nails to support a weight that they were not designed to do and lack the threads necessary to do this. With this larger head it is also probable they will crush the drywall in that area ( cause cracks) promoting weakness of strength. it will not hold long at all. The strength of the roofing nail head comes from the thick coat on top of it applying pressure to hold This is not the same concept to hold drywall.