Cordless Drill Buying Guide

Posted by on September 5, 2012

Need a cordless drill but not sure what exactly to look for? Check out our Cordless Drill Buying Guide. Our detailed, well-researched outline includes helpful information about different types of cordless drills, which model is best for your needs, what to look for when you’re shopping and our top picks.

8 Responses to Cordless Drill Buying Guide

  1. Shalini

    I think the Bosch P31 is a better pocdurt (lighter and more powerful). After comparing the two brands, I found that the Milwaukee chucks on every display tool I could find were extremely difficult to rotate, and several would not enter (or leave) the drill setting. The Bosch chucks (to be fair, this was the earlier model, the P30) withstood their store display history better. And on the Milwaukee there’s a gap between the LED housing and the chuck that can grab the skin of your palm; the Bosch does not have that pain-causing gap.

  2. Robert Wyatt

    I wish to price a battery charger and a spare battery for a Makita 18v Lithium-ion, can you please help?

  3. Cordless Drill

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  4. Buy Makita Power Tools

    I am using Makita power tools. In my opinion, If you are looking for the cordless drills then you must buy Makita’s drill. Makita is one of the best brands of power tools.

    • Lala

      There is no need to drill the holes that low so the screw goes into the cabinet. Most canbiets have a lip that extends up and down so you can set the screw without going inside the cabinet. It might not matter on normal doors but it shows on glass doors-and in my opinion is poor craftsmanship to open your canbiets and see screws in them.

  5. David

    well Ryobi Powertools are really good, i would recommend getting a Ryobi cordless power drill because they are lightweight and pack a lot of power, I’ve had one for 4 years now, it still works great