Brushless Motors

Posted by on October 7, 2013

Brushless motors have been around for many years. Only recently have they entered the power tool market. Tool companies are starting to use these motors to make their drills and impacts more efficient by pairing this motor with computer chips and lithium-ion batteries.

These components work together in three ways:

  1. The computer chips control the motor, so it only works as hard as it needs to.

  2. Without using brushes, the motor saves battery life, as brushes may cause unnecessary friction.

  3. The battery powers the computer chips, so they all work together to make a more efficient tool.

Companies say these types of drills last longer because they run cooler and more conservatively. Soon, companies will be releasing power tools with this same technology in more than just drills. There’s no telling where this technology could take us. Check out to see all of our brushless selections.

Check out this informative video about brushless motors:

Tool Barn University 1 Brushless Motors

By Steve P.

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