Why You Should Use Carbide Bits and Blades


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  1. Bethari says:

    Milwaukee 0724-24 V28 Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver Kit Cons: – much heavier and lgearr than 14 or 15.6 volt drills. However, it seems no heavier or lgearr than my Bosch Brute 18v drill/driver. – the main switch sometimes pinches my finger, where it meets the red frame. I scraped some of the sharp edge around the switch which seemed to fix it. – should have a way to connect a safety strap; to wrap around my hand when working on a ladder, so the tool can’t be dropped. Pros: – 28 volt Lithium-Ion batteries; the highest voltage available, and longest lasting, batteries; latest battery technology. If you can afford a professional-grade cordless tool, get one with NiMH or Lithium-Ion batteries. NiCad is cheaper, but it’s old and inferior technology. – V28 power. 600 in lbs. of torque is more than any 18 volt tool. Even though it lacks the maximum torque of many corded 1/2 drills, it handles 99% of my heavy drilling. I might used a corded drill once per work week. (Doesn’t count using a Milwaukee SuperHawg for the really big holes.) – Press the button on a V28 battery and 1 to 4 LEDs will shine, indicating remaining power. You’ll know if it needs a charge BEFORE climbing the ladder, etc. – Excellent ergonomics; comfortable grip, good switch function, plenty of clutch choices, excellent side grip (when needed). – Battery is reversible if it the normal mounting gets in the way. – Excellent chuck; 100% steel to take the pounding of the hammer-drill function. Once tightened, bits rarely come loose. – Good speed choices so you can work faster: 0-600 (lo) and 0-1800 rpm (hi); other cordless drills use lower speeds to get decent torque ratings not this one. – Superb trigger control. E.g., when driving 3 stainless steel screws into decking, the speed can be slowed to under 20 rpm. – Terrific tool-belt-hook. Slide the receiver slot onto the hook and it locks in place. Tool holsters are pathetic by comparison. This is really important when working on a ladder, since you don’t want to drop this expensive tool. Although the drill is heavy when hanging on your tool belt, once it’s properly secured to that hook, it won’t fall off. Removing it is simple; grab the handle, and press down on the release catch with your thumb. – Tool is guaranteed for 5 years, parts and labor. (Register online at Milwaukee dot com.) Batteries are guaranteed for 2 years at full replacement, and prorated for 3 more years. Other: – Choose drill or hammer-drill by turning the black steel ring behind the clutch ring. The hammer-drill function is for light use only (i.e., it is NOT a rotary hammer). But of course, it’s a much smaller tool. It works fairly well for small holes in concrete, and really well when drilling into mortar, soft brick, or cinder block. It’s just about perfect for drilling those 3/16 masonry holes for Tapcon and similar screws. – This drill is too big and heavy to by my primary light drilling tool. For those jobs, I still use one of my [light-weight] Panasonic 15.6v drill/drivers. This isn’t a con of the Milwaukee V28 drill; powerful drills are heavy. Summary: I have to agree with Fine Woodworking’s 2008 Tool Guide, which calls Milwaukee’s cordless line-up, the best tools for serious work . Consider buying this hammer drill/driver as part of the Milwaukee 0928-29 V28 Cordless 4-Tool Combo Kit. For [only] $200 more, you also get the V28 Sawzall, the V28 circular saw, and the V28 flashlight. All are excellent and designed for day-in day-out contractor use.