Gary’s Gift Guide

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4 Responses

  1. Tom A. Pratt says:

    My dad, old-fashioned as he was, would have surely loved these power tools if he were still here today. This is a great list with lots of cool stuff!

  2. Andrew Droper says:

    Make arrangements to Christmas is the opportunity to spend my feelings to my venerable father. Finding a gift meant for my father it’s hard, with your gift ideas helped me a lot in choosing the gift meant for my father. I was given the choice of gift ideas from you, hopefully my father will love this gift. Thank the creator for giving me a meaningful gift ideas!

  3. BISCUIT says:

    i think You should add Domino joiner into This list…this i cool tool…

  4. Lenka says:

    yeah i think you should add Domino joiner into This list