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Matt Griffith has been with, Inc since 2001. He is currently the Director of Quality Assurance & Optimization for all of ToolBarn's web sites. He turns over rocks to find problems and then he makes other people fix them.

How To Organize Your Garage

Organizing your garage is one of those jobs that you know needs to be done, but you never seem to get around to it.¬†Or you peek inside, see the endless clutter and start picturing the hours that will be spent cleaning the garage and then you put off the project for yet another weekend. Typically, … Continue reading »

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33 Time Saving Home Improvement and Repair Tips

Whether you’re working on a home improvement project or a minor repair, sometimes knowing a few tips can save you time money and aggravation. Here are 33 different tips to help you get the job done: Painting & Sanding To reduce dust while sanding joint compound and plaster, use a drywall wet sander. This tool … Continue reading »

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21 Environmentally Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

Making home improvements not only beautifies your house but also adds to it’s value. However as homeowners become more environmentally conscious they look for ways to improve their homes and make them as “green” as possible. Here is a list of 21 home improvement tips for your home. 1. Consider installing solar panels. Although solar … Continue reading »

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PDF files won’t open in FireFox?

I noticed a few of our local machines suddenly stopped being able to display inline PDF files in Windows based FireFox 2.0.0 versions after about .7. I uninstalled both Firefox and Acrobat Reader, reinstalled, disabled add-ons and plug-ins and re-enabled them. I searched high and low for a solution but really ended up striking out. … Continue reading »

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The Tool Industry’s Dirty Little Secrets: Replacement Batteries

An anonymous commenter on my Cordless Tool Battery Primer asked this question: Why are two replacement batteries the same price as a new cordless tool WITH two batteries? Ahh, so you noticed the secret. Yes, it is quite possible to buy a tool and two batteries for only a few dollars more than two batteries. … Continue reading »

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RapidSlide Adjustable Wrenches

Contrary to popular opinion, RapidSlide is not a digestive ailment caused by eating at greasy spoons. It is a new way to adjust the opening in your favorite adjustable wrench. Crescent has introduced this technology somewhat recently and I purchased one of the wrenches a few weeks ago for use in residence. The AC10NKWMP Crescent … Continue reading »

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Are you a pet owner?

We are in the process of re-launching a pet supply website and could use input on types of products pet owners would like to see online. I have put together a short 5 question survey, and would really appreciate anyone’s input on the topic. To fill out the survey, click here. I promise we’ll start … Continue reading »

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The IT tools I promised sooo long ago…

So, it’s been a bit since I have had a chance to post to the ol’ blog. I apologize to the non-geek crowd, as this week I’m going to talk a bit about my day to day job here at Originally, this blog was going to be a bit of a mixture of power … Continue reading »

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Easier Ways to Work with Ceiling Tile

As most people know if they have read my blog before, I love seeing new items that fill a need. Fortunately, our company is dynamic enough that often when I make a suggestion for a new product that I see at a store or in a manufacturer catalog, within a week or so, it is … Continue reading »

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Engraver perfect for a shop or your home

Dremel Engraver: The 10 Minute ReviewI spent a little time using the Dremel 290-01 engraver around the ol’ IT office today. I needed to mark a couple of nice little Olympus digital voice recorders with a engraving, just in case they walked away. The cases were an ABS plastic type case, and the engraver … Continue reading »

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