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How To Organize Your Garage

Organizing your garage is one of those jobs that you know needs to be done, but you never seem to get around to it.¬†Or you peek inside, see the endless clutter and start picturing the hours that will be spent cleaning the garage and then you put off the project for yet another weekend. Typically, … Continue reading »

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21 Environmentally Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

Making home improvements not only beautifies your house but also adds to it’s value. However as homeowners become more environmentally conscious they look for ways to improve their homes and make them as “green” as possible. Here is a list of 21 home improvement tips for your home. 1. Consider installing solar panels. Although solar … Continue reading »

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Halloween Display Ideas Right out of the Garage

Creating a bone-chilling Halloween setup for your front yard doesn’t have to be expensive. You could easily go to a specialty craft store and spend tons of money on various gadgets and props. But save your cash, and use the tools and supplies lying around your garage or tool shed. You can make an elaborate … Continue reading »

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Air Tool Maintenance – Oil, Filters and Thread Tape

Air tools are pretty simple, right? Plug in an air hose to a compressor on one end, turn the compressor on and hook your air tool up to the other end of the hose. Or is it that simple? Being more of a cordless and electric power tool guy myself, I had to do some … Continue reading »

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How to replace a round cord plug

Required Tools:ScrewdriverNeedle-nosed pliersWire StripperWire CutterReplacement Plug Estimated Times:Beginner: 15 minutesIntermediate: 12 minutesExpert: 10 minutes Unplug the CordNever work on an electrical repair without first unplugging and discharging the item to be repaired.Prepare the wireCut off the old plug using the wire cutter. Now you’ll need to remove the outer insulation from the round cord using … Continue reading »

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How to replace a light fixture

Necessary Tools:ScrewdriverContinuity TesterCircuit Tester Required Materials:Wire NutsLight Fixture Estimated Time to Complete:Beginner: 45 MinutesIntermediate: 30 MinutesExpert: 20 Minutes Safety Tips:Make certain the light fixture is firmly in place before turning power back on. Never leave or use a fixture hanging loose from the wall or ceiling. Always make sure that power is off to the … Continue reading »

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How to replace glass in a window

Necessary tools:Sash BrushPutty KnifePaint BrushHeat GunCaulk Gun Required Materials:Wood SealerTube-style Glazing CompoundSandpaperGogglesGlovesGlazing Points Estimated Time to Complete:Beginner: 2 HoursIntermediate: 1 Hour 15 MinutesExpert: 45 Minutes Safety Tips:Wear gloves and eye protection when removing broken glass from the sashes and when handling or installing the new glass. Getting Started: Removal of the GlassFor spring-loaded double hung … Continue reading »

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