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National Care About Your Indoor Air Month

February marks National Care About Your Indoor Air Month. This serves as the perfect opportunity to stop and think about the air quality in your work place or home. Air quality is probably not something you think about constantly, so take this time to make sure the air in your surrounding indoor environment is as … Continue reading »

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Web Developer/ECommerce Job Opening!

Do you have a background in web development and ECommerce? We are currently seeking a motivated front-end web developer to help optimize and operate our growing ECommerce businesses and web presence. The ideal candidate will have 3 to 5 years of front-end web development experience along with the desire and proven ability to work in … Continue reading »

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Writing a Winning Bid

The  best way to get jobs is do quality work and charge fairly. But what  happens when The Other Guy ALSO does quality work and charges fairly?  Coming up with the best bid can give you the edge over your competition.  And by “bid,” I don’t just mean your quoted price. Your bid includes the … Continue reading »

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Don’t Forget About Clearance!

So you’re in need of a few items…maybe a new hammer, drill or handsaw…but you’re afraid you don’t have enough money to buy them. Don’t worry because we have an extensive clearance section to satisfy your shopping needs. All of the clearance tools and accessories are competitively priced so you can find the exact tool … Continue reading »

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Build-A-Kit on

Have you ever wished that every tool you want or need was perfectly packaged to your exact specifications of what to be included? Sounds too good to be true, right? WRONG! offers the Build-a-Kit feature that allows you to pick and choose the tools you want to create your ideal custom kit. Simply go … Continue reading »

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Join Us on Twitter and Facebook

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? If you are, are you following If you aren’t, you should be. Both our Facebook and Twitter accounts keep you updated on the great deals and savings that has to offer and wants you to partake in to reap the benefits of these great offers. You can … Continue reading »

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Why Set-up a Account?

Perks of having an account: You’ll get a safe, secure, and convenient place to save your information for future use. You can check the status of your orders so you know what’s happening with your packages. You can move through the checkout faster to save time while shopping. You are able to store multiple addresses. … Continue reading »

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We’re now on Facebook!

Our new Facebook page can be seen at We will be posting specials, news and other information regularly, so Like the page to stay in the loop.

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What’s the definition of Overwhelming Response?

While this isn’t really a tool related post, it’s a site related post. You see, you guys and gals that visit our site are the best. We’ve always known that, but today you proved it. The servers pictured to the right don’t agree, though. That was actually an old picture. We’ve expanded our web server … Continue reading »

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We’ve (virtually) moved everything!

As you can see in the picture to the left, we had our cabinet at our ISP pretty well full. In fact, there were 2 switches and a T-1 router on the back of that yet that you couldn’t see in the picture, and we had one device pulled for maintenance. Since our customers haven’t … Continue reading »

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