Milwaukee Drill-A-Day Giveaway

From November 30th to December 24th we are giving away a Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drill Kit EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you buy $25 or more of Milwaukee brand products in a day you are automatically registered for the contest. The Milwaukee Drill-A-Day Giveaway gives you great odds of winning because the winners are chosen at random from only the previous days’ entries. This means every day you purchase a Milwaukee brand tool is a new chance to win!

Click Here for the complete contest rules.

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Oscillating Multi-Tool Buying Guide

In the market for an oscillating multi-tool? Have a look at our brand new oscillating multi-tool buying guide. This detailed, well-researched and thorough outline includes information about different types of models, what to look for when you’re shopping and our top picks.

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Saw Blade Buying Guides

Shopping for saw blades? Check out our new saw blade buying guides. We’ve put together buying guides for woodworking circular saw blades, metal circular saw blades and masonry saw blades. These detailed, well-researched and thorough outlines include helpful information about different types of each blade, what model is best for your needs, what to look for when you’re shopping and our top picks.

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Makita Fall Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Michael G. from Indiana on winning the Makita Fall Giveaway sweepstakes. He won a Makita 18volt 3 Piece Combo Kit. The sweepstakes were a great success and we had over 5,000 people sign up.

We have more sweepstakes and contests planned for the near future so check back regularly to find out more.

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Makita Fall Giveaway 2012

We are giving away a Makita Lithium Ion 3-Piece Cordless Combo Kit. Visit to enter. No purchase necessary.



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Cordless Drill Buying Guide

Need a cordless drill but not sure what exactly to look for? Check out our Cordless Drill Buying Guide. Our detailed, well-researched outline includes helpful information about different types of cordless drills, which model is best for your needs, what to look for when you’re shopping and our top picks.

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Pressure Washer Buying Guide

In the market for a pressure washer? Take a look at our Pressure Washer Buying Guide. This detailed, well-researched outline includes helpful information about different types of pressure washers, which model is best for your needs, what to look for when you’re shopping for one and our top picks.

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Air Compressor Buying Guide

Need help finding the right air compressor? Check out our newly updated Air Compressor Buying Guide. This detailed, well-researched outline includes helpful information about different types of air compressors, which model is best for your needs, what to look for when you’re shopping for one and our top picks.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cordless Nailers

Cordless nailers are becoming more popular. Most feature a gas fuel cell, a rechargeable battery, and eliminate the hassle of air hoses and compressors. Although cordless nailers won’t replace the traditional stick nailer, they are a good choice for smaller scale projects. If you’re on the fence about getting a cordless nailer, here are some things to think about before you buy.

Advantages of Cordless Nailers

  • Convenience: You don’t have to haul a hose and compressor to and from jobsite.
  • Safety: Safer to use on ladders and scaffolding where there is a chance to get tangled up with the air hose.
  • Less Upfront Expense: With the cordless unit there is no more expensive equipment to purchase and maintain like the air compressor and hoses.
  • Better Workflow: Jobs will no longer be stalled when waiting for the compressor to cycle. Air powered nailers will lose effectiveness when the compressor tank gets drained and the     operator must wait for the compressor to cycle in order to proceed with their task.
  • Better Range of Movement: With no hose to worry about you can move freely and have unlimited range.

Disadvantages of Cordless Nailers

  • Fuel Cell Cost: Gas charged nailers require disposable fuel cells, which add to the cost. Gas fuel cells vary in price from $11.99 to $24.99 and can drive approximately 1,200 nails.
  • More Maintenance: Cordless nailers require more frequent and complex maintenance than a traditional pneumatic nailer. Up-keep on these units involves disassembly, oiling, and cleaning of the air filter, while a traditional air powered nailer simply needs to be lubricated.
  • Expensive Nails: Brands such as Paslode recommend using their specific brand of nails. These boxes of nails are more expensive than generic brands.
  • Battery Limitation: If the battery on the cordless nail gets drained the nailer is inoperable until charged. To limit interruptions you would have to purchase additional batteries.

There are positives and negatives when considering a gas charged cordless nailer. They are excellent for jobs that demand work with awkward angles. Purchasing fuel cells can get expensive but improved mobility and compact size justify the cost for some jobs. They’re also a good choice for someone who has an occasional need for a nailer and the huge investment in a compressor doesn’t make sense. Cordless nailers make projects like installing molding and overhead framing easier and quicker. Need a cordless nailer for an upcoming project? Check out’s selection.

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8 Tools That Should be in Every Homeowner’s Tool Bag

There are a few tools that every homeowner should have in their bag to perform basic repairs and maintenance. The 8 tools listed below will allow you to complete almost any basic task.

Cordless Drill/Driver
If you only buy one power tool, make it a cordless drill. Accessories like drill bits, hole saws, and  screwdriver bits make the drill very versatile. Cordless drills are run off rechargable batteries and eliminate the need for an extension cord. Drills are differentiated primarily by their voltage. If all you need to do is small projects like assembling furniture a 9.6 volt to 12 volt drill is suitable. On larger projects like drilling holes through wood, a 14.4 volt or larger drill will be needed. Keep in mind, higher voltage drills weigh more, but have more power and last longer.

Multi-Bit Screwdriver
A multi-bit screwdriver takes the place of the traditional screwdriver set. Most 5-in-1 screwdrivers contain Phillips bits, flat head bits and handy nut driver bits. Cheaper than a traditional set of screwdrivers, this tool also saves space in your tool bag. The 5-in-1 is perfect for most projects, but if specialty bits are needed combination screwdrivers up to 11-in-1 are available.

One of the first tools invented, the hammer and is essential to any tool bag. A basic claw hammer can set and remove nails quickly. Heavier hammers are more effective at driving nails, but the additional weight makes them more difficult to use. Hammers are available with handles made of vibration absorbing wood or a more durable composite material. Weights can vary from 10 oz. to more than 20 oz. A 16 oz. hammer is ideal for projects like hanging pictures and removing old nails.

Adjustable Pliers
Adjustable pliers enable the user to tighten or grip objects of different size, shape, and thickness. Great for tightening those pesky toilet bolts or assembling furniture. These pliers come in sizes ranging from 6” to 20” in length depending on how large of objects need to be gripped.

Tape Measure
One of the most universal tools out there, the tape measure has thousands of applications. It’s a great reference tool when checking to see if a TV will fit on the wall or if a couch will fit through the doorway. Tape measures are available from 12′ to 30′ in length. A 20′ tape measure is a very popular size for the average consumer.

The hacksaw is a multipurpose saw that can cut materials like metal, plastic and wood. Great for cutting off rusted nuts, drain pipes and other materials. Hacksaws come in full size and compact.

Bubble Level
When hanging something on a wall, a level will ensure that the object is straight. A standard three-bubble level can be used on a vertical, horizontal or 45-degree angle surface. Levels are available in lengths of 9” up to 12’. Longer levels will give a more accurate reading, but are difficult to keep steady on smaller surfaces.

In dimly lit places nothing comes in handy more than a flashlight. Newer models are equipped with L.E.D. bulbs that last longer and use less power. Flashlights are also available in combo kits with a drill that use the same batteries for convenience. New flashlights are much improved over the traditional design that was popular for so many years. These new designs feature longer run time, increased brightness and adjustable positioning.

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